Week by iPhone, 46/52

Can I just tell you how much I love the weekends? Cuz it’s a lot.  So much more fun and versatile than the boring weekdays when all we do is work work work.  Saturday Peanut and I ate some waffles (well, I ate waffles while she sucks the syrup off hers), put daddy down for a nap and headed out to WalMart to dilly dally (my only agenda was to get a coffee because we ran out).  After WalMart and playing in the isles with Christmas decorations (omg it’s not even Thanksgiving!), we spent a little time at the playground, running around and jumping in puddles.  Sunday the fam headed out for some breakfast out (you can’t tell, but P and I are wearing matching outfits – tan boots, jeans, and maroon jackets), and later some ice cream.

That Monday we had the development evaluation for speech therapy.  They actually do a whole developmental evaluation at this age because it’s often more than just a speech thing.  Peanut did great – she even interacted a little with the two experts while they evaluated her and asked us an insane number of questions.

In case you’re in the same boat, the evaluation is about 1-1.5 hours and a ton ton ton of paperwork.  One of the instructors asked us questions about Peanut’s behaviors, skills, diet, actions, schedule (I mean, EVERYTHING), while the other attempted to get Peanut to do some tasks like draw, find a hidden object, point to her toes.  When the whole thing was finished, we didn’t qualify for speech therapy and P surpassed expectations on her development tests.  We were happy to hear how well she is developing but now I’m nervous that her speech progress is completely up to us (and daycare).  We’re eagerly awaiting the paperwork to come back that will give us some tips on what to do to help her talk.

The rest of the week was relatively uneventful.  Tuesday night I drove to NJ to stay with my friend Laura and then visit our PA office.  But not before I got to take some pics of a gorgeous newborn that joined one of my dear co-worker’s family.

The rest of the week went on as usual.  Peanut and I fended for ourselves a couple of evenings while Jon had to work late.  mostly it means that there is either more Dora than usual or that the dog food is spread out all over the house.  I’m not sure which I dislike more but to keep it safe, we alternate.

And finally – the weekend again!  Saturday P and I went for a walk and she was more interested in giving her rocks than her baby a ride.  As the day warmed up we spent some time coloring on the new walkway.  My friend Denise stopped by and brought P some cupcakes.  After ton of sugar we decided to venture out to the stores to wear out some energy and poke Rudolph in the nose.

How was your week?

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  1. Well, that’s great that she didn’t qualify, but I can see why you’d be nervous. I hope you get some good suggestions! I know our early intervention specialist had a ton of pamphlets for me on different milestones, so it might be worth asking if they have any on speech for you. We haven’t gotten to that point, so I have no idea what is out there.

  2. That’s great that she didn’t qualify! Don’t worry about the speech. We had a student that came to the school district at 3 (or 4) years of age that had NEVER talked! She was speaking not long after that, but the biggest problem was that her mother didn’t speak to her. She didn’t even like the child. Because you are conversing with your child she will be ok. She can always be reassessed and if she is behind, it can still be helped. Kids all develop so differently and I know you’re doing more than you think you are:)

  3. I know it’s worrying you, but congratulations on not qualifying! There’s a range of when kids speak and how much and there need to be kids through the whole range. Nate was a bit behind (in my opinion) between 18-24 mths but our pediatrician said he was totally in the normal/average range and not to worry… when he hit two years old, his vocabulary exploded. For at least 3-4 months, he was coming at us with a new word (or multiple new words) EVERY day (literally, every day we would talk about the new word(s) that day). They all pick up the pace eventually and they’re also really resilient. I’m sure you talk to her all the time and she’ll be perfectly fine. I am looking forward to hearing what the tips are, though, so I’m hoping you’ll share those. :)

  4. Love that newborn pictures!!!

    Our Walmart had Christmas stuff up the second week in October. Which usually really angers me because it’s WAY to early, but since I had Christmas mini sessions starting the first week in November I was guilty of buying lights, wreaths & garland. If it wasn’t for those sessions I would not have even walked into that area!

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