Week by iPhone, 47/52 and Brave giveaway!

What a week, peeps!  Can I just tell you how much I loove love love love love Thanksgiving?  Cuz it’s a lot.  Any who, I’m getting a bit ahead of myself.

Sunday P and I spent the day together doing the usual – hanging out, playing tea party (umm I think I need to wash these more often because they mostly end up in my mouth), and trying out some new maternity clothes (new skinny jeans in the pic on the top right!).  During the week Jon had some late evening meetings and P and I were on our own.  Honestly, this is becoming routine – the minute that Jon says he won’t be home on time, something goes wrong.  Either P chokes, the dog throws up, there’s a major meltdown or something.  This time I was unloading the dishwasher (I hate hate hate hate hate the dishwasher…and this is another reason to hate it) and because of my pregnancy I’m ridiculously clumsy, so, of course, I dropped the bowl and it smashed into pieces.  Le sigh.  I put the dog in the crate, gave Peanut dog food to play with (her favorite activity lately) and started cleaning.  About 5 minutes in I realized i hadn’t seen the kid in a bit and I found all the dog food scattered along the hallway and a bunch dumped into the crate.  That was a bit more cleaning than my back and belly wanted to handle so I let the dog out, telling him strictly to keep out of the kitchen (he shockingly listened) and hope he’d eat the dog food that P was spreading around the house.  No such luck.  I spent the next 15 minutes after cleaning the bowl remnants picking up about 50 pieces of dog food that was in my hallway, guest room, living room, and every crevice of the house.  I guess there are worse things that can happen, so I just let it go.

Belly pic after a ton of food – I go from kinda pregnant to super pregnant in a matter of a glass of water.  The rest of the week days went by nicely with no broken bowls – just a lot of running around.

Speaking of – it seems that this past week our content little toddler decided to start her terrible two’s.  Just like that.  Out of nowhere.  The whining, the meltdowns, the fake crying.  And the constant “no no no no NO!”  Not sure how it can happen overnight but it did.  Now we’re trying our best to keep our patience while teaching her to use her words to communicate her needs and, well, turn on a ton of TV to calm her down.

Turkey day came just in time (omg I love turkey) and we headed off to Western MA early on Thursday morning.  We turned Peanut’s carseat to face forward the evening before our trip and she loved it.  She kept looking at us and going, “Mommy” “Daddy!”  Until we’d say “Hi baby” and then she’d smile and giggle.  It’s too cute (and way too distracting….not sure how I’ll handle not turning around when I’m the one driving).  Every trip with P gets to be just a little more fun.  She spent time running around Gigi’s house, playing with her aunts and uncle, and teasing the dogs.  Jon and I did our best to teach her the appropriate ways to play with large dogs by sticking her hands in their mouths, giving her a ride on the labs, and rough housing.   Then we all took a family walk.

Back at home P and I took another evening walk and played with leaves (she loves Fall just like her mama).  Then I finally got a haircut!  So needed.  So so so needed.  I’ve decided not to dye my hair this time and let it grow out.  I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was about 15 so this will be fun – Jon keeps teasing me and asking me to show him the real color so here goes nothing (let’s see how patient I am) (I’m not…at all).

How was your week?

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Today I’m also excited to give away a copy of Brave!!!!  Jon and I watched it over the weekend (finally – I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying our Blu Ray player is…it’s a freakin’ mess!  But we finally got it to work and watch our movie).  It’s everything I thought it would be – funny and captivating.  And the animation – it’s amazing!  My only regret is that we couldn’t watch it in 3D.

Well, any who, just in time for your holiday shopping – I’m giving away a copy of Brave to one lucky reader.  Please use the Rafflecopter to enter – a winner will be chosen on Friday morning, at 8am.
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  1. Love the hair! I thought you were a natural blonde?

  2. So I tried to enter and it asked me to comment on your blog about what I want for Christmas- my baby to sleep through the night!

  3. Love the belly pics!

    : )

    I wanted to watch Brave this past weekend ONDemand, but the hub was not going for it.

  4. I’ve been waiting to see Brave!! Looks so cute!

  5. My Christmas list includes The Hunger Games blu-ray and the newest Giant Microbes ornament set. I know I’m getting The Hunger Games because I already bought it!

  6. Michelle B says:

    My Christmas list includes board games, disney movies (wow you would never know I’m 23 by those choices), this watch I’ve been DROOOOLING over and some stuff for the kitchen.
    Love all the pics!!! (crossing fingers for BRAVE! I’ve been wanting to see it)

  7. Lindsey D. says:

    I want a new tea maker since one of the kids broke ours a couple days ago

  8. I have been wanting to see Brave for a little while now. It seems to me that movies are going to DVD faster and faster these days. I feel like this movie was just in theaters!

    Several things on my Christmas list this year but I got a Kindle a couple months ago so I want a pretty case and a light for it :-). I also put real books on my list too. My reading list is never ending.

  9. Peanut is adorable! :) All I want for Christmas is time with friends and family!

  10. I really want an ipad but just got a new laptop so probably not in the cards this year:(p

  11. My christmas list… is not very long. But I am hoping for an internet camera so I can spy on my doggies while I travel!

  12. Love all the pictures. Give Brave away for a Christmas gift? NO WAY I’ve wanted to watch that movie since it came to theaters.

  13. a spa day!

  14. I don’t think you look super pregnant in ANY of those pictures! And what a great movie to give away just in time for Christmas. I haven’t seen it yet, but the kiddos watched it on Thanksgiving and seemed to like it!

  15. Some boots—I’m in desperate need as the winter is coming quick!!!

  16. xmas list; a day to myself with no kids! ;)

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