2012 – Top 5

I'm in a looking-back-at-2012 mode here and I'm going to do a link-up. If you're up for it, I'd love to see your top 5 posts! The categories and mine below: 5 Favorite posts: 5 sweet moments "That" mom Sometimes "good enough" is good enough Bedtime moments What parenthood taught me about myself 5 Most popular posts (according to your stats and look for most visits in 2012): Hearty chicken enchiladas in a crock pot Menu plan for a 1 year old Lasagna stuffed shells Chicken and rice in dutch oven Zucchini fritters 5 Most commented on posts (I'm sure there are other ways, but to get this I installed a plug-in for most popular posts by comments): 20 weeks, a turning point This one's for the scrapbook (our first trip to the ER with Peanut) BlogHer '12 And then there were 4 The "firsts" I miss as a working mom (if you don't have some of these, skip them): 5 Favorite pins: Turning tiles into picture coaster 10 decorating ideas for kids rooms How to save a ton of time when making a tulle skirt Make your own canvas prints Easiest DSLR tutorial. ever 5 favorite Instagram pics (this was almost impossible to do since I have hundreds): 5 Favorite tweets:   … [Read more...]

Our very Merry Christmas, in photos

I could alternatively label this post "Our super spoiled rotten kid" because Peanut made out like a bandit this (and last) year.   And just for comparison, here's the one of Peanut's Christmas from 2011. Tomorrow we're off to do it all over again with my side of the family. … [Read more...]

Goodbye 2012 – a recap

This is going to come as no surprise if you've been following along in the emotional train wreck that I am since I've had Peanut, but omg where does time go?  Another year is about to end and I cannot believe how quickly it's gone and yet how many things have happened this year. Let's just start at the beginning, shall we? January and my little Peanut at the start of 2012.  She turned 12 months (that's 1 year for non-baby peeps out there) and I did an almost 1-year old day in the life post. My wonderfully hilarious husband and his shenanigans...the man makes me laugh each and every single day.  And of course, my list of resolutions for 2012...which I think I actually gave a fair amount of effort and even a number of successes (ok, I still stink at being a good listener, but I really try). To get to know each other a little better, I told you 10 things just about me and we celebrated Addison's first birthday with her first cupcake and a wonderful birthday party with friends and family. February brought about a whole new almost-toddler.  Peanut started getting adventurous in her meals and I posted a meal plan for a 1 year old. As she continued to grow, so did her mischief streak.  And as much as I wish this wasn't part of it, we had our first visit to the ER. March brought about our first vacation with the baby to Florida and a few playdates. P continued to grow (don't you just love/hate that about kids?) and her personality continued to shine … [Read more...]

Week by iphone, 51/52

Merry Christmas Eve!  While Jon and I are finishing some last minute wrapping, cleaning and packing for our super busy week, here's a recap of our last week. Busy but awesome week - Christmas party at P's daycare, a check up with Peanut for her weight (she's gaining! and the blood tests were completely clear - no failure to thrive here), and a 20-week appointment to find out the baby #2 gender!  Friday Peanut had daycare while Jon and I didn't have work (score!) so we decided to have a little day date (something we would have called running errands before we had P...now it's called a date...time changes).  Some shopping, a sushi lunch out, and the dreaded Hobbit.  The movie was actually not too bad for the first 45 minutes and if it ended then I'd let it go. But it went on for the next 2.5 hours. Saturday we decided to take a break from all the holiday to-do's and went to the Kid City museum.  A nice family lunch out and some more errands together.  Oh, and Peanut drinking bubble water.  Sunday the holiday clean-up was in full mode so the tot was left to entertain herself - hence the stickers all over her legs.  Peeps, I even washed our couch cushions.  In the afternoon, after Peanut couldn't figure out what to do with herself, we ended up going for a little walk where she used a stick to dig up some dirt.  We ended the weekend with a cuddle on the couch with all my kids while Jon made us dinner (I so win at this).   How was your week?   Link up with Bebeh … [Read more...]

A day in the life of a 23-month old

It's 7am. You greet us every single morning with a smile. Our routine begins...Pediasure, snuggling in our bed, Saturday morning cartoons. "Hi, dad.  You up?" It's Saturday and the beginning of our vacation and the holidays. We take it easy, slowly getting ready while you entertain yourself.  Then we all get dressed to head out to Kid City in Middletown, CT. You've gotten really good at entertaining yourself, especially if you're allowed to sit on our bed. You're also incredible at entertaining us. After a 30 minute drive, we arrive at Kid City and off you go. We've been coming to this place since you were about 10 months old and it's so much fun to watch you get more and more out of all the activities. At 11.30 we're all hungry so we head across the street and grab a bite together.  We've been working on you sitting through a full meal both at home and while we're out and it's totally paying off.  You happily entertained yourself and ate your lunch.  After lunch we put you back in your car seat with Nemo on the portable DVD player and headed home for a nap. These days you're sleeping between 1-2 hours and even after you're awake, you usually refuse to get out of your crib.  You love to snuggle up with your blankets and pacifiers and watch us walk by your room, occasionally coming in to check on you and see if you're ready to get up.  When you're finally ready, we settle back on our bed for your favorite … [Read more...]