2012 – Top 5

I’m in a looking-back-at-2012 mode here and I’m going to do a link-up. If you’re up for it, I’d love to see your top 5 posts!

The categories and mine below:

5 Favorite posts:

  1. 5 sweet moments
  2. “That” mom
  3. Sometimes “good enough” is good enough
  4. Bedtime moments
  5. What parenthood taught me about myself

5 Most popular posts (according to your stats and look for most visits in 2012):

  1. Hearty chicken enchiladas in a crock pot
  2. Menu plan for a 1 year old
  3. Lasagna stuffed shells
  4. Chicken and rice in dutch oven
  5. Zucchini fritters

5 Most commented on posts (I’m sure there are other ways, but to get this I installed a plug-in for most popular posts by comments):

  1. 20 weeks, a turning point
  2. This one’s for the scrapbook (our first trip to the ER with Peanut)
  3. BlogHer ’12
  4. And then there were 4
  5. The “firsts” I miss as a working mom

(if you don’t have some of these, skip them):

5 Favorite pins:

  1. Turning tiles into picture coaster
  2. 10 decorating ideas for kids rooms
  3. How to save a ton of time when making a tulle skirt
  4. Make your own canvas prints
  5. Easiest DSLR tutorial. ever

5 favorite Instagram pics (this was almost impossible to do since I have hundreds):

5 Favorite tweets:


Our very Merry Christmas, in photos

I could alternatively label this post “Our super spoiled rotten kid” because Peanut made out like a bandit this (and last) year.


And just for comparison, here’s the one of Peanut’s Christmas from 2011.

Tomorrow we’re off to do it all over again with my side of the family.