20 weeks pregnant, a turning point

Today I’m 20 weeks pregnant with our second little one.  That’s about half way through (if you count 40 weeks as the final destination) and I have to tell you – it feels like we’re at a turning point.

To date I’ve done almost nothing more but worry and freak out.  This pregnancy was completely planned, in fact, I think we planned this timeline before we even got pregnant with Peanut because we thought that this would be an ideal age difference for our kids.  Yet, looking back at the last 20 weeks, you couldn’t guess that since I’ve been worrying almost non-stop about having a second baby.

Until this week.  This week has been a turning point.  I’ve let down my guard and noticed that I’m looking forward to 2 kids (well, obviously we always wanted 2 kids but it’s been fogged by my natural ability to freak out over something that already happened).  I’ve been day dreaming about holding my little newborn while playing with my toddler, I’ve started to plan out the guest room that will be Peanut’s new room, and I’ve even thought about changing P’s nursery to a new nursery (an act I considered treason to my toddler just a few weeks ago).

It’s as if I’ve crossed the hump that was my worry and am starting to come around to the other end – the one where I am getting so stinkin’ giddy about this tiny little baby and the changes that s/he will bring about.

I’ve even, *gasp*, started to looking forward (well, relatively speaking) to giving birth.  No, I have not forgotten, contrary to what people told me, about Peanut’s birth experience or the pain.  But instead of concentrating on that, I’ve started to think about seeing the little one when s/he’s born and holding him or her and smelling that insatiable baby smell.  Sure, it’s going to be terrible and painful and all that other “good” stuff, but the prize at the end is so worth it that I’m no longer dwelling on the pain.

It’s funny- because I think this happened to me with Peanut too.  I was more excited with the first one (mostly because I honestly had no idea what to expect from a pregnancy), but I still had so many reservations, especially about the birth until about 20 weeks.  I don’t know if it’s feeling the regular movements and kicks of the little one or the fact that I’m really starting to show that things are becoming real in the most wonderful way I can imagine.

And with all the bad that is going on in the world these days and the tragedies, bringing a new life into this world feel amazing to me.

20 weeks pregnant

Size of baby: size of a large mango, 6.5 inches long and 10 oz in weight

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 10 pounds

Movement: Feeling the baby move pretty regularly now, which is just exciting :)
Cravings: This week it’s been dumplings and sushi.
Great Moment this week: Finding out the gender!


And, because we’re a lot more impatient and seriously giddy about this, we couldn’t keep the baby gender to ourselves.

20 weeks pregnant

But first, a little story.

Jon and I were sitting at the ob office, talking about the upcoming ultrasound.  I was so so so positive that the baby was a boy and Jon was absolutely sure that we were having a girl.  So we decided to put a little wager on it.  On Friday we were planning to go out to a movie since we have the day off and Peanut is at daycare.  We haven’t been to a movie in ages (almost 2 years!) so this was kind of a big deal.  We looked up the movies in the local theatre and I chose Twilight, while Jon chose the Hobbit.

Well, when we got to the ultrasound room, we told the technician about our little bet as she started the ultrasound.  The tech winced, looked at me and said, “Ugh. I’m sorry, but it looks like you’re seeing the Hobbit.”

And that, my friends, is how I’m stuck seeing the Hobbit this Friday.

ps- obviously we’re all incredibly excited :) for many many many reasons.  (seeing the Hobbit is not one of them).


  1. Ha! Funny story. Sorry you have to sit through the Hobbit, but congrats on another sweet baby girl!

  2. Another Girl!!?!?!? Congrats Momma! Being One of 3 girls, I can tell you what fun it you are in for :)
    So excited for the 3 (4) of you!!

  3. Awesome!!!!! I’m sure she’ll be just as cute as Peanut!!!

  4. You look great! Congratulations!
    Trust me, 2 girls are lots of fun!

  5. SISTERS!!!

    So exciting!

    Can’t wait to read about the new addition while I cuddle mine! Hard to believe you are 20 weeks and I am 24 weeks. Time flies.


  6. Twice as many bows and ruffles! What fun!

  7. Boo for the Hobbit, but YAY for another little girl!! :)

  8. Congrats! Girls are great- I just had my 2nd daughter 3 months ago. Hurray for pink!

  9. Ahhh so excited for you! Congratulations!!!

  10. Congrats!! Such exciting news, sans The Hobbit part.

  11. Congratulations! I so wish I had had a sister growing up – I didn’t get one until I got married :)

    And the Hobbit (although incredibly long) is a really good movie!

  12. a girl!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! I’m so happy for you!!!!

    PS. I had to read the Hobbit story a couple times before I got it. I’m a dork.

  13. Yeah! Another sweet girl! So excited for you!

  14. Congratulations!!! I LOVE your little wager story – it actually made me tear up a little! (I’d have voted for Twilight, too, though. lol)

  15. Yay for a sister for Addison!

    In other news, maybe we’ll see you at the movies. We both have tomorrow off too and were thinking of seeing Jack Reacher

  16. Yay! So happy to hear! I’m sure she’ll be just as beautiful and charming as Peanut.

  17. Sisters! So exciting! I can’t stop humming the ‘sisters’ song from White Christmas. That will be so special, and so nice considering P already has such a wonderful wardrobe :)

    Sorry about the Hobbit though… not going to lie, Twilight was freaking fantastic!

  18. I’d like to think I’m hormonal because I’m still breastfeeding but I actually got a little teary for you thinking about the fun you’ll have with two girls. Even though I don’t know you, I started reading your blog a few months before you gave birth to Peanut and I was also pregnant at the time. I love my two girls and watching them interact together now (Annabel is 20 months and Lucy is 6 months) gives me little blips of all the girly fun that is in our (and your) future. Much congrats!

    • Aw thanks Rebecca! And congrats! I’m looking forward to seeing the girls together. Btw 20 months and 6 months is going to be soo soo sooooo awesome for them to be so close in age.

  19. Congrats!! Having 2 girls is wonderful! I have an older brother, but had spent many childhood years (and even some in adulthood) wishing that I had a little sister… Very excited for you :)

  20. EEEP! I was WRONG. Man. But you will love having two kids of the same gender so close together. Brayden and Connor are BEST FRIENDS. It will melt your heart a million times over seeing their little friendship blossom (and will also madden you watching them fight like cats and dogs). Congratulations!

  21. Congratulations!!! So exciting! I LOVE having a little sister and Peanut will too!

  22. Liz (MyHappyMess) says:

    Awww, congrats! Peanut will be such a great big sister. Loved reading this happy update. :) And you look fantastic!

  23. Another girl!!! So exciting. Sorry you have to see The Hobbit :-/

  24. Two girls!!!! SISTERS!!!! What happy news!

  25. Sorry about The Hobbit, but yay for another beautiful girl! :)

  26. I love everything about this post except for you having to see The Hobbit. That movie is too long to be forced into seeing.

  27. Congrats on another Princess! I was so wrong on that one. Lol. I’m glad you are getting excited now too! Oh also, the hobbit was pretty good! ;)

  28. Having two was scary, you know, before it happened and it turns out that there was nothing to be afraid of at all! And congrats on two girls. I don’t know a thing about life with daughters, but I’m sure it will be amazing!

  29. Yay for sisters! Congratulations to you all, P is going to be such a wonderful big sister!

  30. Yay for sisters!!! They will be the best of friends!!!

    Congrats, Momma :)

  31. Yayyyy for sisters!!!

  32. Congratulations!!!!

  33. Congrats! I guess it is safe to say Jon is in trouble!!

  34. Hi Kat

    Congratulations!!!! Your story is great-sorry you are stuck with hobbit but I’m sure you will enjoy it!!!! My due date is mid May 2013. But will have my second c-section on the 4/5/13. It’s my second also and have a 5 year old girl whom I adore. They say this one is a boy. I’m so impatient this time round and I can’t wait to meet my baby. But not only I just do not have patience with this pregnancy as I was my first- its crazy. I believe the hormones are driving me mad with this one.

    Time will go by and all I hope is for everything to go well.
    Good luck to you. If you want keep in touch as we are in the same week pregnant and it would be great to have a buddy with same due dates.

    Take care

  35. Hi Kat, Merry Christmas.hope you have a good day.
    I’m actually very tired today – don’t know why. My daughter was so happy to open all her gifts this morning. Was a nice family get together by the tree while my daughter was getting excited with her Christmas gifts. Actually can’t wait until second baby is here too- cant stop day dreaming of holding baby and playing with daughter and all of us laughing and having a good time. Just don’t know why I’m so impatient with this pregnancy and all I hope Is for all to go well and baby and I are healthy.
    How are you feeling? How will you spend your Christmas day?

  36. I don’t know if it’s because we were due at the same time with our babies, that we both have little girls, that our ages and relationship history is so familiar or that I also think our second is a boy and my husband ALSO thinks it’s a girl . . . but when I read this story my first thought was, “Huh, guess that means my husband is right too.” LOL. It’s like everything on our timelines have been so similar so far that it will continue to be! We find out next week so I guess we’ll see!! ;-)

  37. Great story on the gender reveal. Congratulations on the second little one.


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