Peanut, 23 months

Dearest little Peanut-butter,

You are 23 months today.  That’s just one month shy of 2 years old.

23 months old

Dad and I sat in the front seat of the car today on our way to Kid City and talked about you turning 2.  It’s hard to believe.  It’s hard to believe that you’re almost 2.  It’s hard to believe that we’ve been with you for 2 years.  It’s hard to believe that we’re about to have a 2 year old.  Are we old enough to have a 2 year old?  Don’t answer that…

This month has been huge for your development – you’re talking non-stop and repeating pretty much everything we ask you to.  I’ve stopped keeping count of your words because you have new ones almost hourly.  It’s been amazing to watch you vocalize all the things that are going through your mind and it’s really bringing out your personality.  You’re far less shy now that you know that you can communicate with people other than your favorite teachers or your mom and dad.  It’s incredible to watch you interact.

From what we hear, you’re a little trouble maker at school.  This isn’t really a surprise for us given that you’re my daughter, but it’s still fun to hear.  Your teachers repeatedly remind us that we’re going to be in big trouble when you grow up.

You’re incredible smart and thoughtful.  You’re also one of the most kind-hearted and affectionate almost-2-year old I know.  You always give out hugs and whenever we’re hanging out on the couch, you love to cuddle up and rub my back.  You’re the sweetest little girl.

Since we’ve switched your Pediasure from morning and early afternoon to morning and evening, you’ve started to eat better.  You still have a super interesting taste in food – your favorites are sushi, miso soup or wonton soup, chinese food, sweet potatoes, and turkey dogs.  You’ll choose avocado and blueberries over cupcakes and cookies any day.

Your favorite games revolve around imitation.  You absolutely love your “babies” (dolls) and play daycare at home.  You will line up all the dolls, cover each one of them with blankets, then rub their backs and shush them to sleep.  It’s the sweetest thing to watch.  We bought you a dolly stroller and you love running around with it.

Some other favorites from this month include sorting blocks, coloring, counting, pointing out letters, and playing with stickers.  Books are still among your favorite pastimes.

Unlike most almost 2 year olds I meet, you have patience and concentration that lasts for 15-20 minutes per activity.   You are a great listener and you love to follow instructions like throw out the trash or put something away.  You’re really into doing things on your own like putting on your jacket or shoes and trying to get dressed.  Although you’re adamant about trying to do something, you’re still very open to letting us help you and often reach out by saying, “mama” or “haaaahlp.”  You have the rules and routines down and don’t like when we don’t abide by them (I’ve personally gotten into big trouble with you when I didn’t put on and zip up my jacket all the way before leaving to go outside…what was I thinking?).   You’re also starting to have real preferences, like which shoes you wear or what you would like for a snack.  Your dad and I know that we’re incredibly lucky.