A Day in the Life of Courtney of Baxtron Life

Hey hey friends of Kat! My name is Courtney and I have a lifestyle blog called BaxtronLife.  I have just started my third decade of life and soon will have three years of parenting under my belt.  If you should decide to come by my blog – you’ll find that I’m passionately obsessed with coffee, that I enjoy the perks of blogging and the community as well, and that I am currently battling PTSD.  I try to write with wit and sarcasm, I don’t take myself too seriously (at least not all of the time) and you’ll find that I am very open and vulnerable about my life – something that has been a struggle until the last few years of my life.
My blog is still finding itself – I’ve been doing it only for just over a year consistently and I’ve got a long ways to go before I feel confident I’ve found what direction I want to take it in.  Anyway – I’ve got a very loving and loyal family – a hard-working handsome husband and a high-spirited little lady.  He is my knight in shining armor and she is my side-kick.  We live in New York City and feel very blessed (most of the time) to do so.  Our life is a mixture of fun and exciting moments and the every-day mundane…however; I tend to find joy and lessons everyday regardless.
Today I’m sharing a typical day in our life.  It all starts with a fancy cup of coffee…

…well, I wish.  It actually starts at around 6am, maybe a bit later on occasion – when our little lady proudly announces from her bedroom, “I waked up!”  After we’ve stirred a bit, we finally get up and get the coffee brewing while Zion takes some time to play freely.

By 7am I’ve got to have breakfast ready so the hubs can head off to work, plus little tummies are usually grumbling by this point.  After Daddy leaves for the day – its time to get started with chores and getting dressed so we can start homeschooling.  I usually have a mountain of dishes to do (if I’m too drained the night before) so that is usually my starting place.

After I’ve really woken up, by maybe like 9ish, we get busy with the days teaching – I get all of my preschool curriculum online, planing it out weekly in advance.  We probably spend anywhere from 1-2 hours doing schoolwork before switching gears to more free playtime.

“I’m hungry” usually signals that its time to get lunch made and ready, which is typically followed by droopy eyes an indicator that the 12:30/1pm quiet time is quickly approaching.  Quiet time also equals nap time which also equals break time and blogging time.

At last, a little time to savor a hot cup of coffee, probably my second or possibly my third.  Then I try to cram as much correspondence, social media and blogging into 1-3 hours as I possibly can.  Often I get only a very very small fraction of my to-do list done, hoping I’ll have enough energy to conquer it after Zion goes to bed.  By no later than 3pm, Zion is awake and ready for outside time.

We may head to the park or run errands in the neighborhood to stretch out, depending on the weather and what is still needed to be done for the day.  This particular day we headed to her favorite park, Hippo Playground.  Currently we tend to be shortchanged by the lack of daylight in the afternoon – most of the time “Mr. Sun” goes to sleep before 5pm.

Dinner is usually coming out of the oven between 6-7pm and we all sit down together as a family to enjoy it.  Right after dinner, its time for a warm bath and wind-down time, with Zion getting into bed by 7:30/8pm.  After the standard toddler curtain calls, she is usually resting peacefully, and I can finally sit down to enjoy some time with the hubs.  We will watch a show or talk or read or I’ll blog for maybe an hour before I’m exhausted from my day and ready to head to bed.  By 10pm we’re both fast asleep.  And that is a day in our life.