Pregnancy brain is a real thing, 18 weeks

When I was pregnant with Peanut I learned about pregnancy brain the day I wore two different shoes to the office and didn’t notice until after lunch or the time that I walked to my car three time in a row before remembering to finally bring my keys.

Well, this time I think it’s about 5 times worse.

Yesterday Jon left the office a little earlier than me to get his flu shot and when it was time to go home, I couldn’t find my keys.  Not only did I spend 15 minutes searching for them, my entire team at work did the same.  Finally, after calling Jon and telling him to grab the spare keys and come get me (thankfully we live 10 minutes away), I started to literally turn my entire desk upside down and found my keys inside the tissue box.  Not on top.  Not near.  Inside.  How?  I have no idea.

This didn’t start yesterday though – it started around the time I figured out I was pregnant (or possibly even a day or two beforehand).  I drop my make up constantly (in fact, I’ve broken all but two last eye shadows), I walk into walls, I hit my head on…well…everything.

But that doesn’t stop there.  I’ve made some grave mistakes with this whole pregnancy brake.  Like the time I forgot to buckle Peanut in the car and drove 20 minutes on the high way home.  I can’t begin to explain to you guys the feeling and drain of all color that happens when you open the door and see your toddler without a seat belt.  I can’t even think about it without wanting to throw up.

There have been other things too – missing shoes, lost cell phones, about 4 different credit cards that I missed after paying them on time for the past 8 years.

I can’t even begin to tell you guys what’s going on in my brain anymore.  Not only is my body no longer my own, but apparently my mind isn’t either.

Any who, 18 weeks today!

Size of baby: size of a large mango, six inches long and either ounces in weight
Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 pounds
Maternity Clothes: I am so picky about maternity clothes and prefer to wear non-maternity shirts, but there’s no getting away without maternity pants.  I am also in love with my new maternity dress!  Check out how you can get one yourself below.
Gender: we’ll find out in a couple of weeks, but we’re keeping it to ourself until Christmas when we do a little reveal with our families :)
Movement: yes!  I felt little random kicks here and there for a couple of weeks but this past week it’s been pretty steady – every night around 8 pm when we sit down to relax I can feel our little nugget moving, turning, and kicking.
Cravings: Baked potatoes.  With salt, butter, cheddar cheese, and sour cream.  Every. night.  I can’t even explain that one guys, especially since I had no cravings with Peanut’s pregnancy.
Great Moment this week: Feeling the baby move on a regular basis.  No matter what I’m doing when I feel him (for some reason I think it’s a boy), I stop and just smile when I feel the little one kicking me.  It’s so cute and it makes things kinda real.
Some shots from the last couple of weeks:


And now on to some exciting news!  Check out my new dress from PinkBlush Maternity – a super trendy, adorable, (and incredibly affordable!) website.

When I was choosing an item to review, it literally took me days.  I couldn’t decide on any single item!  Finally, I texted my sister in law (who is also pregnant and super stylish) and made her get online to help me choose something.  She had just as hard of a time but we ended up choosing this gorgeous teal dress.  It’s perfect for a casual evening out with some heels or boots, perfect for the office with a blazer and some accessories, and absolutely gorgeous when I want something special (like a family picture!).

And now a little something for you!  PinkBlush Maternity is giving one lucky reader $25 gift certificate to their shop: PinkBlush Maternity.  And $25 goes a long way!

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  1. I did the tissue box thing while in college with my cell phone. But, I’m pretty sure that was alcohol and not baby. ;)

  2. A gal who I use to read her blog she craved potatoes too, but the dirt smell on the outside of them!! LOL I know right!! She said she’s stand in the grocery store by the big bin of fresh potatoes and just smell them.

    You my dear look super cute!!!

  3. You look amazing! And that pregnancy brain…too funny!!!! somehow I am not pregnant but still experiencing it ;)

  4. You forgot to mention your sudden inability to speak clearly.. ;-) lol. Seriously though its all normal! I did some pretty same type of stuff while I was pregnant. And now to make you feel better. When Lucas was 4 mos old my sil and I went with him to a big consignment sale in Norwalk. We buckled his car seat into her car as the base was in mine. We left to come home and was at least halfway before I looked back and noticed the car seat was tipping sideways. Why you ask? Because I had unbuckled it for some ungodly reason and not buckled it back in. I almost had heart failure and was climbing over the seat as fast as I could which is no easy feat in her car. And I wasn’t even pregnant! It happens.. *hugs*

  5. Oh and seat-belts? Isn’t that what your arm is for when she’s standing on the seat beside you? LOL Just kidding!!

  6. Pregnancy brain is definitely real! I experienced it a ton from weeks 18-25 and now I’m 28 weeks and I have been a little bit better, but still have it sometimes. I love the white and black striped shirt/dress! Where did you get it?

  7. Am I the only one excited about your reveal for family? How did you talk Grinch into that?

    Can’t wait to find out!

    • Tawny – I’m laughing so hard right now. It took a lot…mostly it was “this is my last baby I do what I want!” lol He finally caved, although he still grumps a little every time I remind him that we’re waiting to tell them until xmas.

  8. So jealous of your belly! So cute (that sounds weird lol)

  9. You look so cute! When do y’all find out?

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