Flu shots are apparently overwhelming and week by iPhone 49/50

Sundays are seriously the best – aren’t they?  I used to dread them because it meant that we were one day closer to the week starting up again but now they’re the days that all the chores are done, the kid’s been entertained, and I’m ready to just relax.  Sundays are also the days we don’t rush out of bed or turn off the TV after 20 minutes.  We just lounge, drinking coffee (well, decaf for some of us after the first cup), watching TV, and not bothering to get dressed until after breakfast (ok, lunch…sometimes dinner).  This Sunday it also included blueberry pancakes and shenanigans from my husband.  Sunday evening dinner included a dinner and a show – is this man the funniest or what?

This week was out-of-control busy.  And to explain to you why my trip to CVS was a trip to test the very last of my nerves, I must first explain that outside of these pictures, my week felt like it lasted at least 5 years.  Work is insane right now, my cravings are getting a bit out of control (I have seriously had a baked potato, loaded with goodness, every single night around 9 pm), and every day brought something trying.  Thursday we had a check up with P and landed on ordering a “Failure to thrive” blood work up…mostly just to rule things out but nothing like uttering the words “Failure to thrive” to kick your week into a new gear of omg-let-this-week-end.  On top of that Jon was traveling 4/5 days and as trying as it was for him to be gone, it sure was trying on us to be home alone.

Then the CVS.

During the week Jon went to CVS to get his flu shot since a few of our friends have the flu and we’ve been feeling a bit off.  We thought it’d be best for everyone to go get a shot since we have a 2 year old toddler and I’m pregnant and all.  Aside from taking about 20 minutes, his shot was just fine.  The insurance papers went through, but he did say that his hurt like heck.  He also found out that if his pregnant wife went in to get a shot, she should ask for one without any preservatives.  Peanut got hers during her visit on Thursday and I went to CVS after work on Friday.

Thinking that no one else is going out to get a flu shot on Friday evening, I left the office just after 5pm and headed to the local CVS.  I handed the girl my insurance card and asked for the form to fill out.  After filling out the form, I reminded her that I’m pregnant and that I needed that “special” shot.  She nodded and proceeded to type on the computer.  I told her I would dilly dally in the isles so I wouldn’t stand over her.  After browsing for 5 or so minutes I came back to check on her only to find out that our insurance “doesn’t cover it.”  I told her that can’t be right since my husband just got his.  I called Jon just to be sure and he said, we were, indeed, covered.  I told the girl all his information and she pulled up his account to copy over the insurance information since we’re on the same insurance.  When that didn’t work (and I, at 5:30pm after the longest week of my life, looked like I was just about to lose it), the girl said she could call the insurance if I wanted her to.  Umm, duh?  Yes, please.  So on the phone she went.  And back to the isles I went so I wouldn’t stand and glare at her for making my week even longer than I needed it to be.

After another 10-15 minutes I came back and the girl shook her head.  The insurance person did indeed say that the shot was covered, that all the information was correct, and it should go through.  Except that it wasn’t.  Tired, annoyed, and just plain pissy, I asked if I could just cover the shot out of pocket.  She looked just as happy as I was to be done with this ordeal.  She ordered the shot and I went to sit down and relax because the baby was starting to not just kick me, but test every last muscle in my body and attempt to break open my stomach.  Everything was hurting, I was having a hard time breathing, and, quiet frankly, I had had enough.

After another 5-10 minutes, the pharmacist came over with the shot.  I reminded her that I’m pregnant and she nodded.  As she began filling the needle I asked her if the shot was preservative free and she said “no.”  Umm…wait…what?  I pulled my sleeve back down as the clerk sitting on the ground pretending to stock the shelves just plain ol’ put everything down and was staring with a smirk on his face.  I explained that I was prenant and needed the preservative-free shot.  She said there’s no such thing.  I explained that my husband just got his shot a day or two ago and that the pharmacist (AT CVS!) told him that I needed the preservative-free shot.  She glared at me and told me that she didn’t have that.  I said, please refund my money because I do not want this shot.  Beyond annoyed I walked over to the cash register to wait on my refund when the pharmacist came back over with a box.  “This one here doesn’t hit in the muscle but it’s preservative-free.”  I must have looked at her like she had 5 heads.  Didn’t she just tell me I couldn’t get my shot because there’s no such thing and/or that they did not have it?  When I asked if that would still do the job, she looked annoyed at me and said that of course it would.  The only difference is that it was preservative-free.  I stared at her blankly and said, well could I have that one?  She said, ok and rang me up.

Am I losing it?  Perhaps.

Between the long week, the baby sitting in my belly perpendicular in a way that made me barely able to breath, and this additional little tid-bit that got me home after 6:30 on my Friday night, I just about had it and am just so happy that this week is finally over.

This weekend was much better – shopping, Stuff a Cruiser event for Kisses From Katie, and a nice lounge on the couch with the hubs.

How was your week?

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