Week by iPhone, 48/52

Wow just 4 weeks to go. Cah-razy.  And then the year is over.  Another year older – another year wiser?  Maybe…

Trying to figure out if I keep these going next year- it’s definitely a commitment.   Ah well, moving right along.

Sunday mornings have a new routine where everyone climbs into bed, cartoons go on, coffee is brewed and we lounge for an hour or two.  King hoping that never changes.  P and I had a play date with Melissa and her son Ryan as well as my friend Julie and her two beautiful girls.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much fun we all had – the kids included.  I hope we can do it more often, but these wonderful ladies are also working moms and we all have a ton on our plates.  Monday and a new outfit since I went shopping Sunday.  P and I cuddling on the couch Tuesday night and her new booster seat at the big people’s table.

More new oufits from H&M and Target.  I love love love those stores.  This week I ended up taping P’s door because she keeps locking herself in her room.  It didn’t last long although Katie from Marriage Confessions said that if you just drape a wash cloth over the top of the door, it won’t close.  I might try that next.  Friday evening and Peanut bugging daddy while he tries to get some work done.  Once the little one went to bed, I bugged Jon while he was on the phone…apparently some genes are passed down to children.  Saturday and our trip to the Christmas tree farm!  It’s one of my favorite days of the year – a stop at Dunkin donuts for a half-coffee-half-hot-chocolate mix (me), glazed munchkin (Peanut), and a big coffee (Jon).  And our tree is finally up! YAY!  It finally feels like the holiday season.

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