Week by iphone 50/50 and the cutest play date ever

This was seriously the longest week ever – Jon and I have a crazy work schedule and it’s making things a bit hectic.

I gotta tell ya – I love Pinterest.  Aside from the 5 million captured and stored recipes at my finger tips, there are a ton of toddler activities.  Last weekend we tried one and it was a hit.  Especially when P got to wear it as a hat.  We also learned that Peanut loves limes and lemons.  Raw.  Just the way they are – weird?  Maybe.  Her mom did the same thing as a kid.

19 weeks last week!  That means that this week we find out if we’re having a boy or a girl!  I’m keeping it on the lock down until we tell our families over the holidays, but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking bets :)

Peanut had a Pajama day at school Friday so we got her dressed in this adorable outfit.  Then daycare called just minutes after I heard about the shooting in CT…they called to say she got bitten.  Honestly, in comparison to what I had just heard on the radio, this was absolutely minor.  I asked for some details, then said it happens, and hung up happy to hear that my kid was sound and safe (even if she had a tiny little bruise for defending her toy).  Wish I could have had a real glass of wine to calm the nerves, but this fake one had to do….it was gross.  Don’t buy it.

Saturday P and I did some holiday shopping at the outlets.  Then we grabbed some lunch out.

week by iphone

Can I just tell you how cute it is that Peanut and I can go out for girls days and lunches out?  It makes me so happy.  Especially when I get to watch her eat sushi and miso soup.  Our kid has eclectic taste and I love it.

Saturday night we went to see the Fantasy of Lights in New Haven, CT and P learned to drive.

Sunday was the cutest – after a delicious breakfast out with some friends who were in town, P’s bff was dropped off at our house for a nap sleep over and a play date.  These two, I tell ya.  It took a little while to get them to fall asleep since they kept playing between the two cribs in Peanut’s room.  But after a few minutes, they were finally out.  Post-nap, the tots got some Kefir pouches and shared pumpkin muffins.  Then we spent a couple of hours playing in our basement play room – watching them is seriously the cutest thing in the whole wide world.  Peanut acts so different and Jon and I love watching a side of her we’ve never seen.  They danced, played with toys Peanut hasn’t touched in ages, shared (and fought a bit…because, after all, they’re like siblings), and made each other laugh.  They are two very silly monkeys and we could not get enough of it.

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ps- wanna take any guesses?  Is it a boy or a girl?

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