Week by iphone, 51/52

Merry Christmas Eve!  While Jon and I are finishing some last minute wrapping, cleaning and packing for our super busy week, here’s a recap of our last week.

week by iphone

Busy but awesome week – Christmas party at P’s daycare, a check up with Peanut for her weight (she’s gaining! and the blood tests were completely clear – no failure to thrive here), and a 20-week appointment to find out the baby #2 gender!  Friday Peanut had daycare while Jon and I didn’t have work (score!) so we decided to have a little day date (something we would have called running errands before we had P…now it’s called a date…time changes).  Some shopping, a sushi lunch out, and the dreaded Hobbit.  The movie was actually not too bad for the first 45 minutes and if it ended then I’d let it go. But it went on for the next 2.5 hours.

week by iphone

Saturday we decided to take a break from all the holiday to-do’s and went to the Kid City museum.  A nice family lunch out and some more errands together.  Oh, and Peanut drinking bubble water.  Sunday the holiday clean-up was in full mode so the tot was left to entertain herself – hence the stickers all over her legs.  Peeps, I even washed our couch cushions.  In the afternoon, after Peanut couldn’t figure out what to do with herself, we ended up going for a little walk where she used a stick to dig up some dirt.  We ended the weekend with a cuddle on the couch with all my kids while Jon made us dinner (I so win at this).


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