Week by iPhone 2013, 1/52

Oh you guys, what a week.

It was a short week since the new year started halfway through the week, but it felt like just about the longest week ever.

week by iphone

Peanut went back to daycare on Wednesday while we went to work and by Thursday I got a phone call asking her to pick her up because she was throwing up.  I grabbed the little one and barely made it home (less than 3 minutes away) before she was puking again.  Thursday evening was rough.  Thankfully, the worst of it was over by around 10pm so we laid her in her crib and went to bed, hopeful.

Friday morning I went to work while Jon stayed home with P, who threw up again that morning (because of our dumb idea to give her Pediasure because she wasn’t puking).  She was sleeping most of the day, throwing up once more around 2pm.  When I got home, we gave her a few crackers and some noodles which she kept down and headed to bed a little early.

Saturday morning she seemed great and with over 12 hours since her last puke session, we once again foolishly decided to give her a tiny bit of Pediasure.  She kept that down so I gave her a little more and then told her she couldn’t get her pacifier during the day (usually the rule in our household but we give it to her when she’s sick).  She proceeded to cry for an hour and when she finally calmed down, she puked all over me.  The rest of the day she was never awake for more than 5-10 minutes at a time, usually crying when she was, not really eating or drinking anything.  By noon we were freaking out so we went in to see our Pediatrician (thank goodness for Saturday hours).  He told us to quit giving her milk or anything solid and to call him by 5pm if she didn’t seem any better or if she threw up again.  At 2:30pm Peanut woke up and screamed and screamed and screamed and screamed.  After over an hour of being inconsolable (and no tears) we decided it was time to head to the ER.  When we decided to head to the ER Jon came down with Peanut’s stomach bug.  I tried to talk him out of going to the ER with us, but he insisted so off we went.  Over an hour in the waiting room (and Jon running to the bathroom to puke every 15 or so minutes) we were finally in a room and being checked over.  Needless to say, P’s blood sugar was low and she was severely dehydrated.  They hooked her up to an IV (this part was absolutely terrible and I wish I never had to go through it again) and our wonderful friends drove out to New Haven to pick Jon up who was barely conscious.  After a bag of fluids, some sugar water and more fluids, Peanut was her old self, joking and being silly, talking to everyone.  At 10 she was a grumpy sleepy head and we finally headed home.

Sunday was a better day although Jon slept almost the entire day.  Peanut ate some crackers and soup and some bananas.  I washed every single surface of our house, bleached the towels, did about 7 loads of laundry, stripped all the beds, and disinfected every handle in the house.  I’m really set on not catching this stomach bug, peeps.  By 6:30pm and almost 48 hours since throwing up, we gave Peanut about 4 ounces of Pediasure and I’m pretty sure that we’re safe now.

This bug I would never wish upon my worst enemy.


It’s a new year and I thought I’d start a week by photos link up here because I’d like to keep this going for 2013.  If you’d like to play along, please do!  Rules are pretty simple –  take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them.  Words or no words.  Whatever you want.  My post will be up by Monday every week.

Then just leave a link back to my blog and link up below.  Can’t wait to see your weeks!



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