And then I went the hippie route: all natural skin care routine

Peeps – I have to precede this by saying I have zero issues with the hippie-ish lifestyles.  In fact, I often envy them.  But being who I am…well, it was just never me.

Until I had a kid.  And then I started buying organic, making all my baby food, breastfeeding and storing milk for the kid until she was 15 months…you know the drill.

Well, about a month ago I stumbled on this Pin on Pinterest and I was hooked.  I’ve suffered with skin issues since the age of 11 and, unlike most, mine did not stop when I surpassed the teenage years.  And when I got pregnant with my first baby, it got so much worse, I was literally crying about it.  Second pregnancy wasn’t as bad, but definitely not good at all.  And the best part about skin care and pregnancies?  There are a ton of things that you’re advised not to use.

So, when I saw the all natural way that supposedly cured someone’s skin issues, I was intrigued.  I have been using Proactive since my late teens and was sick of paying for it, not to mention the fact that I cut down its use significantly during each pregnancy.  Instead I adapted some of the new all natural skin care routine and within a week I was so hooked, I threw out all of my face washes and creams.  Yes, I thought it was that good.

Now I won’t tell you that all my skin issues are gone, but I will say this: my face is smoother, more even, and has had zero dryness/oiliness since I’ve switched.  In fact, I’m rather loving a new glow in my cheeks, the lack of black heads and white heads, and just the overall healthy feel of my skin.  Who knew that changing your products to the all natural skin care products would make this much of a difference in such a short time?  And if you’re not hooked yet, just try the oil to wash off your make up and you’re going to be astonished at how much easier the make up comes off and how much less residue is left on your face (actually, there is none left on mine).

So here’s what I’m doing.

My daily routine:

  • Every evening I wash my face with oil.  I combined even parts Olive oil, Castro oil, and Jojoba oil.  I bought a little travel bottle at WalMart for 97 cents, combined all the oils and use it to pour on my hands and massage onto my face.  I usually spend 5 or so minutes with it on/massaging it in, then use a super warm washcloth to wipe it off (hold the cloth on your face for a minute or two…sure it opens up pores and all that good stuff, but it also just feels so darn good at the end of a long day).  If you’re like, “are you seriously putting oil on your face?”  just do it.  I have the kind of skin that has had dry patches and yet was still oily in other places and I swear, it’s all gone.  The dry patches.  The oily skin.  Everything.  Just gone.  So are the raccoon black circles under my eyes from mascara that never seemed to wash off before.
  • After the oil, I apply Vitamin E with Tea tree oil cream to any red marks or sometimes just all over.  This stuff is magical at erasing any kind of mark/scar/etc on your face.  I’m so addicted.
  • In the morning I use raw honey to wash my face.  Usually I put it all over my face and rub it in, then start the shower and just stand in the warmth of it for a few minutes while brushing my teeth.  Then wash my face off.  There are a ton of recorded benefits to washing your face with honey, not the least of which is clean, glowing skin.

And a few times a week:

  • 2-3 times a week or whenever I remember/feel like it, I mix some cinnamon and nutmeg with the raw honey and use it as a mask.  It’s so sticky and I swear it takes a top layer of my skin off when I scrub but it feels so good and within minutes my skin feels softer, smoother, and just clean.  You can read this post for more info.
  • 2-3 times a week, in the morning, I also mix equal parts baking soda and water and use this as a scrub on my face.  I am not sure if there is any dirt left at all after my nightly oil routine, but if there was, this stuff takes it right off.  And then some.

You can get more ideas/stuff to do from the links above, but even this super simple routine (read: not at all time consuming, since I’m a mom and a full time employee, I have none) has seriously changed me.  I’m so antsy to see what happens in the next few months as my skin truly adjusts, but so far the results have been so significant, I’m already in love.