Google reader is shutting down July 1, now what?

As I’m sure everyone has heard, Google Reader is closing July 1 and if you’re like me, a huge Google Reader fanatic, you’re probably panicking.  (ok maybe just me but we all knew I was a wicked geek right?)

Any-who, that sent me on a rampage to find a new reader – one that I love as much (more?) than Google Reader – not an easy task since I have been using Google Reader for years now.

I set up a handful of accounts and wanted to share with you the one I chose to go with, in case you can’t figure out what you want to do either.

Meet Bloglovin’

I love its simplicity, usability (while still having all the features I wanted), and just how quickly and easily i was able to move from Google Reader.

After setting up an account and exporting Google Reader feed (there are directions to export your Google Reader feed here or here), I was but a couple of clicks away from living in my new reader.

Account > Settings

Import blogs (navigate to the Reader > Subscriptions file)


Some of my favorite features:

  • Lets you open the blogs in a browser but keeps the Bloglovin tool bar that allows you to go to Next or Previous post, choose one from a drop down, or just jump around.  This is probably my favorite feature since I prefer to read blogs in their own window rather than in a reader

  • That same toolbar has Facebook, Tweet, or Pin it capabilities which let you easily (no need to find the blog’s navigation) message/tweet or pin the post.
  • You can browse other blogs.  There are some evenings when I’ve read all the blogs I read regularly and I’m curious to discover some new ones.  I love the Bloglovin’ lets you look at top/random/whatever blogs by category.


  1. Thank you!!!! This is exactly the post I needed to read. I didn’t know what to do either! Thanks for doing the work for me.

  2. I made the switch to blog lovin’ last night too. I went to follow the tutorial you posted and discovered blog lovin’ got smart and already had set up a way to import all the blogs you follow and subscribe to with one easy click. It literally said “want to import your subscriptions from Google reader?” Win! Although I didn’t know about the handy tool of allowing you to read the next post. I saw the toolbar show up when I opened a post in it’s own window but I didn’t realize what it was for.

  3. I think Bloglovin is going to be my winner. It really does everything I want it to and presents it in an easy to read format. I just wish they had an iPad app. :-/ (iPhone yes, but not iPad)

  4. I started using netvibes – did you test that one out yet? Did you like it?

  5. Um, yes I have been in a total state of panic since I heard the announcement on Wednesday! I’m a total Google Reader fanatic. Thanks for sharing this – I’m on BlogLovin’ but never really used it. I’ll go ahead and start the transition :)

  6. Thanks for the tip! I was panicking as well and didn’t feel like doing the research yet. But sounds like BlogLovin is going to be a good alternative.

  7. Just imported all of mine – and I love it too!!

  8. I made the switch and imported my Reader. I am now following you on Bloglovin!

  9. This sounds great! I’m stressing about losing Google Reader. I honestly don’t know enough about blogging to know what to do about it. I also use Networked Blogs. This one you’ve done research on looks great! Nice work!

  10. I decided to switch to Bloglovin’ too. I am really liking the toolbar so far.

  11. I was so upset when I heard about Google Reader, but I have to say, I am really loving Bloglovin’ better! Guess the demise of Google Reader was a blessing in disguise. :)

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