2 year old’s love for chocolate

“Oh no!  Mommy! Oh no! Oh NO! Mommy!!!”

I was driving home from daycare after picking Peanut up on Thursday before Easter weekend.  Apparently the kids must have had some kind of an Easter egg hunt at their school because my two year old was possessively holding on to a small brown bag with 4 pieces of candy in it (she counted).  It was a challenge to even get her in the car seat without letting her tiny little grip release from the brown bag containing her hard-earned candy (something she almost never gets at home), much less ask her to put them down for 3 seconds while mommy buckles her in.

After some covert moves on my part I finally had her in the car seat and buckled in tight without ever removing this precious paper bag from her little hands.  All the while Peanut continuously checked the bag and inventoried all her candy.  Every 30 or so seconds I would hear, “one….two…..thee….foh…” as she counted that all 4 pieces were intact.  I giggled a bit to myself.

We continually talked about the candy and how she could only have the chocolates after dinner and she may not remove them from her bag while she is in the car seat (I’m terrified of her chocking in the back seat without being able to help her).

On our way home (it’s about a 5 minute drive) I heard a sudden panic in Peanut’s voice.

“Oh no!  Oh No!!! Mommy! Mommy! Oh no!!!”

I pulled in to the driveway and turned around to make sure that nothing happened.

Apparently Peanut’s bag had folded in half and when she went to take inventory of her candy, she couldn’t see a single piece.  I tried my hardest not to laugh (didn’t work) while I straightened her bag to show her that all her candy was still there.  The relief and smile that followed made me laugh even harder.


  1. Omg…that is the cutest!! I would have been worried if I was her too! :)

  2. Two years old or 33 years old we all panic if we can’t find our chocolate. :D

  3. Sooo my daughter was the same way…you couldn’t strap her in bc she’s holding the bag. But get this, when she got home, she shared everything with my parents and sisters….and didn’t eat any!! Lol I was like what’s up with the possessiveness? Lol

    • Actually, P shares her candy with me too! It’s funny how they covet it and yet share…two year olds are the cutest.

    • ps- I think it’s probably more about control than possessiveness with them at this point. At least that’s my best guess for Pea-pod

  4. That’s so adorable. I can see Aubrey doing the same thing. We took all her candy out of her basket and put it into a baggie and she keeps pointing at it saying, Aubrey’s candy. Yes, I know. We won’t eat it! ha!

  5. That is precious! I love how serious they get about something small! You can’t help but laugh!!

  6. She is so cute!! And I love her dress, and the new design!

  7. OMG I looove this story. That is really too cute! (and I completely sympathize with Peanut, chocolate is serious business).

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