Packing a hospital bag, the second time around

I have to tell you guys – packing a hospital bag the first time around was an ordeal.  I packed outfits for myself, Jon packed a ton of clothes, we packed snacks, drinks.  We packed the baby outfits, the diaper bag, the camera bag, my pumping stuff, the nursing pillow.  And you know what we used?  About 10% of it.  Tops.  So this time around, we’re smarter.  And more efficient.  So here’s what we’ve packed the second time around.

For the mom:

  • Sweatpants/capris, aka something loose and comfortable to wear in that hospital bed
  • Nursing tank tops
  • Sweatshirt/loose comfy sweater (I prefer these to a bathrobe)
  • Comfortable underwear (I like the boy short kinds from wal mart that I won’t mind throwing away afterwards.  Trust me on this one)
  • Socks (although I actually prefer the hospital ones with the slip free bottoms)
  • Minimal make up (because I take a lot of pictures, but I won’t be putting on anything other than mascara or lip gloss)
  • Chap stick (a must)
  • Deodorant, face wash towelettes, and lotion (plus whatever else is a must on your list)
  • Contacts, contact solution, and glasses (for those of us who are visibly challenged)
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Shampoo and conditioner (I hate the soap kind at the hospital)
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Hair brush and elastics
  • Nursing bra and nursing bra pads (I love my Bravado bra and these nursing pads)
  • Any insurance/short-term disability/other paperwork you may need the doctor to fill out

For the dad:

  • Sweatpants
  • Sweatshirt
  • A couple of t-shirts
  • Hat
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste
  • Deodorant
  • Flip flops for the shower
  • Snacks (we just go for these simple breakfast bars…you don’t even want to know what I packed last time, but let’s just say it was a full bag)

For the baby:

  • A couple of cute pj outfits (because I love pictures)
  • A couple of onesies (because I love those “just born” pictures)
  • A couple of hats (although I love the hospital ones, but just in case)
  • Sleep sacks (we swear by the Halo sleep sacks and used those every minute of every day we were at the hospital with P)
  • A couple of swaddle blankets (again, this is mostly because I’m picture obsessed)

And if you’re really into electronics/photos like me:

  • Camera, with fresh, clean card, charged battery and just one versatile lens
  • Phones and their chargers
  • iPad and Mifi (because, well, we are who we are)

Just two bags.  And, as you can see, one of them is practically empty.  I have reasoning for this.

The hospital supplies.

You guys, when you’re at the hospital, you’re going to get diapers, wipes, pads, boob cream, and anything else you will need for the first couple of days for you and baby.  Our insurance already pays for all these supplies so we take anything we don’t use home.  I highly suggest that you take their diapers, wipes, pacifiers, and the Medela cream for nursing moms.  Then you don’t have to worry about having all those items ready when you get home.

And now we just have to install the car seats and we’re kinda mostly ready.


  1. Great post! I too over packed the first time and plan on being smarter the second time. I brought a ton of snacks but we ate like royalty at the hospital. Leaving room for supplies is your best tip, thanks for the reminder!!

    Good Luck Kat!!

  2. Glad you are packed and ready to go! Are you very far from the hospital?

    What will you do with Addison & Travis?

  3. Elisabeth M says:

    Thank you so much for writing this post! As a busy working first-time pregnant person, I’ve put virtually no thought into what I’m supposed to bring to the hospital with me. I’m aware enough of this for it to make me nervous, but not enough to actually have gone out and figured out what I’m supposed to bring. I literally just copied and pasted your list into an email for myself to refer to in another month or so when it’s time to start packing. Thank you!!! And good luck, I can’t wait to see your new little one’s debut photo shoot!

  4. Holy crap! It’s almost go time!! Addison is going to be a big sister. I feel like it was just yesterday Jon was calling us to pick up Travis and Cailey while you guys headed to the hospital!

  5. I also packed a gift for each kid to give the other. Connor and I picked out a small stuffed animal to give Amelia and I gave it to my mom when she met us at the hospital to pick up the boy. I got Connor a backpack and a new coloring book and crayons to use while we were in the hospital that was “from Amelia”.

  6. I am so excited for you guys! I love how your packing list was so condensed and perfect- I brought WAY too much stuff for when Aubrey was born and I know if there is a #2, It will be a lot less junk!

  7. Because I went into labor with Porter at 35 weeks, I packed my bag while having contractions and we hadn’t had a baby shower so we didn’t have much baby stuff to bring. Here’s to hoping I have more time this time around!

    • and to be prepared earlier! :) I was a week late with P and my contractions were very slow and easy in the beginning so I’m being all la-di-da this time around. Thankfully, we’re still here and no baby yet :) lets me get things done!

  8. Kiwi Jess says:

    In the UK we had to bring our own wipes, diapers, and if you you were going to formula feed, the formula too! But healthcare is free (well comes from taxes) so I guess we’re paying for it some now. I also had to get Andrew to bring more pillows in, got one very thin one, useless!
    Are your hospitals hot? Ours was so warm that Andrew wore shorts in early January (snowing outside too!)
    The best thing I took was a container of homemade (cause that’s what I do when I’m nervous, bake) chocolate chip and raisin oatmeal cookies. At three am when I was awake and alone (husbands get sent home) staring at my beautiful child, these were amazing! Best food ever!
    Good luck too!

  9. Great post! I am expecting my first baby girl in August and it is nice to get an idea of what is good to pack!

    Also, I LOVE your diaper bag. Where is it from?!?

  10. such a great post. For real. I never think about doing these informative posts, but you do an AMAZING job at them. And, I love that you said boob cream

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