39 weeks pregnant

Yes, I’m still here.

In fact, I am actually happy I’m still pregnant.  I know that probably sounds weird and very much unlike me (since I am like the most impatient person ever), but I’m waiting patiently and enjoying these last couple of weeks.

The knowledge that this is our last pregnancy and, although I am not a fan of being pregnant, that this will be the last time that I’ll have this belly to carry around is bittersweet.  Sure, I’m uncomfortable and I am dying to meet our baby girl, but I’m also savoring these moments.  These moments of being a family of 3, these moments of feeling the tiny little feet moving around in my belly, the sight of my big, round belly in the mirror that signifies that I’m carrying this life in me.

I spent a lot of time in the last week of pregnancy with Peanut wishing that she would come and that I would not be pregnant anymore.  This time I’m not wishing a single moment away.  Although I won’t miss the discomfort, the extra weight, the…well…all the fun things that go along with pregnancy and the body changes….I will miss knowing that we created another human being and that I was lucky enough to carry her for 9 months.  It’s an incredible feeling and a wonderful experience.

Oh, and let’s just be honest here, I’m not looking forward to labor.  Now that I know what that’s like…yeah…I could do without that.

  • Size of baby: watermelon (19-22 in, 6-9 lbs)
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: 34 lbs
  • Movement: T likes to sleep in, which I am super thankful for.  She is usually very calm in the mornings and then picks up pace by the late-morning and kicks me non-stop all afternoon and evening.  It’s incredible that we’re starting to see patterns emerge from this tiny little baby.
  • Great Moment this week: getting the big items of the to-do list crossed off.  The car seats are in and have been reviewed and installed by the local police station (if you haven’t heard of this one – you can call your local police station and/or fire station to find out when they do car seat installations and clinics).  The house is clean – I bleached most of Peanut’s plastic toys and washed all of the baby’s toys, as well as clothes.  I still have to get to the Spring cleaning…but if we don’t, I’m going to let it go this year (ok…try to).

Ok, a little comparison of P and T.  Peanut is on the left, Ms. Taylor is on the right.


  1. You look amazing! Were you lucky enough to get through two pregnancies without ONE stretchmark?? Wow! You are all belly. I seriously cannot wait to see this baby.

  2. You are so cute!!! Check out those camera skills. You’ve learned a lot in 2 years!!

  3. Let that little girl bake as long as she needs… as long as it isn’t too much longer! =P You look great and sound optimistic; I’m so excited to hear all about it when the time finally does come.

  4. You look fabulous!!! Best wishes for a fast labor and delivery!!! I hope your daughter is born healthy and beautiful!

  5. I know you say no more babies, but your bod looks like you were made for carrying kiddos! You look great! …Labor and delivery and recovery can suck, but baby number two was WAY easier than number one. We were home within 24 hours and I was only in active labor for a few hours. Its like my body knew what to do and auto pilot kicked in. Praying for the same for you and you better let us know via IG, FB, Twitter or Blog land when you are in labor!!! OH! We need a nickname for Taylor!!! Peanut annnnnd ????? :P

    • I knooooow. I can’t think of one? We’ve called her chicken nugget but then all my kids are food? lol

    • Recovery with baby #2 was WAY easier, too, though while I was pushing with her I remember yelling at myself in my head about having another baby. But I was back up and around SO fast with my daughter. With my son I was in bed for at least a week and then it took forever to feel normal again. Excited for you! You look awesome!

    • I agree with every single thing Lauren said… so rather than have my own comment, I’m just going to say “ditto” =)

      I felt like I could conquer the world after having Slade… I mean, I was at Target the day I got home from the hospital and washing dishes that night. It’s the washing dishes part that should tell you how easy recovery was. =)

  6. You.look.amazing. and have such a positive outlook. Can’t wait to ‘meet’ your new baby girl but glad you are enjoying the last few weeks.
    Also, Taylor?! Love the name! I thought about naming our second Taylor but then she would have been Taylor Taylor. Not cool!

  7. I am so jealous you got through two pregnancies without any stretch marks. So jealous.

  8. You may be patient, but I am totally ready for more internet baby pictures I can drool over!
    And can you hold her little head up to the screen so I can smell that sweet baby smell?

  9. You look amazing! Can’t wait to hear your happy news soon.

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