40 weeks pregnant

For real, you guys?

I really didn’t expect to post this.  Today is Tay’s official due date (not that I really buy into the whole due date thing, but, ya know, if a date had to be named, this would be it).

I thought I’d celebrate the occasion by taking some pictures.

And an official eviction notice:  effective immediately.

Dearest Ms. Taylor,

Please consider this to be your official eviction notice.  Daddy and I have been super patient up until this point, but we do believe that it’s time for you to come on out and join us in this world.

If you’re anything like your sister, I know you’re super comfy in there and will probably choose to stay a couple of extra days.  If you’re anything like your mommy, you’re stubborn and probably won’t come out because we want you to.  If you’re anything like your daddy, you’re just laid back who’s happy to kick back and relax until you’re ready.  Either way, we’re hopeful that this week will be it and we’ll finally get to meet you.


Mom, dad and your big sister Addison.

  • Size of baby: watermelon and looks like it (19-22 in, 6-9 lbs)
  • Total Weight Gain/Loss: 35-ish lbs
  • Movement: T likes to sleep in, which I am super thankful for.  She is usually very calm in the mornings and then picks up pace by the late-morning and kicks me non-stop all afternoon and evening.  It’s incredible that we’re starting to see patterns emerge from this tiny little baby.
  • Great Moment this week: spending the weekend as a family of 3 and enjoying every last moment of it.  And remembering 40 weeks with Peanut.