Week by iPhone, 33/52

Another week back at work.  Another week with only 3 days at work and 2 days at home with my wonderful babies.  Another amazing amazing week.

The new balance is seriously proving to be one of the best things that has happened to me.  I am enjoying work…and I am just LOOOVING my time at home.

The girls are incredible.  Taylor’s radiant smiles, Peanut’s best behavior.  Sure there are tantrums and times when both of them are screaming, but it hasn’t phased me.

I used to get my feathers all ruffled anytime the baby was screaming or the toddler had a particularly tough day.  I used to watch the clock in hope that it would be 5pm and my husband would be home soon.  I’d beg for time to pass without something happening.  And then, one day, I realized that it was my attitude that was getting in the way of our good days.  And it was preventing our great days.

So I stopped.  I stopped getting annoyed.  I stopped getting frustrated.  I started to see the bad moments for what they were – just small bad moments.  And I started to concentrate on the good things.

And do you know what happened?  I swear, the toddler started behaving better.  And when she’s more patient, everything seems to go by a little smoother.  I’m not sure if she started behaving and things got easier or if my take-it-easy attitude led to her behavior.  Whatever it is, I’m sticking to it and hoping that it’ll last.

And on the days that don’t go so well?  Well, there’s always wine.

How was your week?

Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them with a link back to this post. Then come back here, link your posts, and check out some others.

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