Week by iPhone 34/52

Happy Sunday, peeps!

Another week down, and one week closer to my sister’s wedding!  I’m both excited and nervous about the weekend – an amazing day to celebrate the unity of two people close to my heart and the first time that we’ll be leaving Taylor with someone other than one of us.  For now, I’m choosing excited.  I’ll deal with the other emotions later.

Anywho, back to this week.  Another very busy week at work, followed by a fun, but busy days at home.  Peanut, Jon and I are all suffering from a nasty cold while Taylor seems to be either popping out her first tooth or having an onset of acid reflux.  In any regard, she’s been really fussy.  And so have we.

In other news, Peanut is so in love with her baby sister, it’s ridiculous.  Every morning she wakes up asking “where’s baby Tayor?” and spends all her waking time doting on her.  She loves to cuddle, hug, and kiss her sister.  She brings her toys, wipes her spit up, and wants to participate in every single activity.  Taylor reciprocates with huge smiles, following Peanut’s every move.  It’s our favorite thing to watch.

How was your week?

Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them with a link back to this post. Then come back here, link your posts, and check out some others.



  1. Aww I hope you guys feel better soon! Your pictures are so sweet. You can really tell how much Peanut loves her sister.

  2. I recognize that take along arch. We love ours!
    I think it is going to be a go to gift for my new Mommy friends.

  3. I hope you feel better soon, and gorgeous photos as always. I love the one of your little girl helping bath her sister. x

  4. Oh no, summer colds are horrible!!

    You are so very lucky with P & T!! The newborn session I had on Friday the older sister is 3 1/2. She is super jealous of the baby and it doesn’t help that the parents don’t understand where she’s coming from. It’s really sad to watch! She wouldn’t sit still and just being a pain in the butt. She’s not the best behaved in the first place, but she was a little monster. She even wrote on my walls, tore leaves off my plant. The mom’s idea is to spank and sit in time out. Don’t get me wrong I’m all for both forms of punishment, but that’s not what this little girl is needing right now. The sad thing is I don’t even have kids and I can see what’s going on! When mom would feed the baby I’d take the little girl into my office and we’d watch Dora or Tinkerbell. Guess what she was perfectly fine. It’s really sad because this family are friends of mine and have been repeat clients many times.

  5. I can’t get over how much T has grown and how funny P is. They are such sweet girls. :)

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