Week by iPhone link-up, week 32

This was my first week back at work – part time!  I had a lot of emotions about going back (mostly positive, actually) and about staying home alone with my own two kids.  Seriously.  All by myself.

I know a lot of  you moms out there that have your kids to yourself day in and day out are probably shaking your head at me, but when you’ve never really had to manage a full day on your own due to work and daycare, this is actually pretty terrifying.

But, as things often do, everything worked out.  The girls behaved like angels (I’m sure this was just to set me up for the weeks that follow) and we had a bunch of things planned and places to go.  My plan is to have an activity planned for us every morning that we’re on our own and then take it easy in the afternoons.  So far so good (I say with 2 days under my belt).

And the weekend was just as wonderful – a 1st birthday party with one of my favorite girls, a photo shoot, and a family trip to the grocery store (yes, this is considered an outing for us…we even get ice cream that we eat while food shopping, because we’re so wicked cool).

How was your week?

Join in the fun – the rules are pretty simple: take pictures throughout the week (it can be your phone, iphone, camera, whatever) and post them with a link back to this post. Then come back here, link your posts, and check out some others.