Week by iPhone 35/52 and my sister’s wedding!

A busy week!  One where my kid sister got married.  I don’t even have words…I swear that she was just born days ago and handed over to me where I promptly dropped her on her head.  Poor kid, she never stood a chance.

The wedding was absolutely gorgeous – every detail thought through.  There was so much attention to every little thing that it boggled my mind how someone could consider it all.  Down to the cutest flower girl (I am not biased and I do not appreciate the accusation!) in her adorable little red tutu.

And the Bride?  Just stunning.  Flawless.  Amazing.  Thoughtful.  Easy-going.  We may be sisters, but we are very different in some ways…like the easy-going part.

Oh and the groom.  He was a blast.  Dancing.  Participating in every event.  Loving on his new bride.

And Taylor had her first weekend away from mom and dad, cuddling up to her Gigi.  Gigi, always amazing, did great with our little chunky munkey and even video taped her rolling over from her back to her stomach and back again for the first time (something that Peanut did closer to 7 months!) (I am not comparing…well, I guess I am.  But not in judgement.  Just in amazement).

All in all, it was an amazing amazing amazing (very busy and tiring) weekend for all.  Completed with a sinus infection for me…but at least now I have drugs and my 4th week of having a cold has an end in sight.
wk 25-1
wk 35-2


How was your week?

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