Project 365, week 1

I decided to participate in project 365 and committed to taking at least 1 photo a day with my big girl camera.

I love the idea of sharing the every day with you and hopefully expanding my horizons as a photographer.  I’m also so excited to see the changes in our lives and watch our kids grow throughout the year.  If you’re interested, join me!  I am linking up with Click It Up A Notch.

November 1

The potty training that wasn’t.

November 2

2013-11-02-365 nov-4.jpg

Because I can’t think of anything more peaceful than a sleeping babe.

November 3

This toddler of ours.  I feel like she’s growing up so quickly, changing every day, maturing.

November 4

2013-11-03-365 nov-10.jpg

Celebrating not being potty training at her favorite place – Kid City.  It’s incredible how each experience at Kid City is so different because her interests and abilities change weekly, if not daily.

November 5

2013-11-04-365 nov-2.jpg

Taking a moment in our very busy morning to take a picture with my littlest.  And her rooster hair.

November 6

2013-11-05-365 nov.jpg

Welcoming friend :)  and a night away from the kiddoes (bitter sweet)