2013, a rewind

This year has been so eventful.  A pregnancy, a new baby, starting my photography business, new friends, and a 2 year old.  We’ve gone on vacation, celebrated my sister’s wedding, and watched our first-born become a big sister.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.


January was all about celebrating Peanut’s 2nd birthday.  We took a quick look back at the year, said good-bye to her beloved nunu (pacifier), and celebrated her second birthday (wow….she has changed so much).


February started off with an admission that I had postpartum anxiety.  On the 5th we celebrated Jon’s 30th birthday (snowed in) and Peanut gave her some homemade handprint and photo tile coasters.  We also transitioned P from her crib to the toddler bed in anticipation of the new baby.  And, as was really common for me to do then, I talked about being working mom and feeling all that guilt.


March brought on so many changes.  Peanut stopped sleeping after our vacation and we ended up doing some more sleep training. I talked about my fears and excitement about becoming a family of 4.  Addi talked about being a big girl.  I shared my “must have” list for baby items (since this ain’t our first rodeo), finally finished Peanut’s big girl room, and Peanut had her first haircut.


April was all about blogging for me.  And if starting a blog is on your resolution list, here’s how to start your own.  I shared about our marriage and the stuff that kept our 2 year old entertained.


May I shared my thoughts on the toddler years and then I pretended I was a food blogger with a post on delicious caramelized onion quesadillas and whole wheat oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  But then Taylor was born and my super organized schedule went out the window.  She’s got a way of carving her own path and making sure we know she’s completely different.  Love that about her.   I blogged about her birth story  and started a Body after Baby update (week 1week 2week 3week 42 months3 months5 months).  I talked about life with 2 after our first week home and Peanut becoming a big sister. And as I geared up to start my own Photography business, I posted about a Bean Bag poser that I made - super easy!


June brought about newborn pictures of our little Taylor.  I talked about nursing a baby in the bathroom and Taylor turned 1 month.  Taylor turning 1 month led to a post on updating you on life with 2 under 3 with 1 month under my belt and reaching the 6 week mark and surviving it. And as the month rounded up, I talked about getting your infant to sleep at night.


July brought with it sleep training for the toddler as we realized that we were up more with our 2 year old than our 2 month old.  As we celebrated Taylor’s second month, I shared the content of my diaper bag with 2 and my feelings on parenthood.  I also turned 30 (woop woop) and shared my tips for surviving the new parent stage.


August Peanut turned 2.5, I went back to work part-time, while Taylor turned 3 months.  As we were thrown full force into toddlerhood I shared my tips on keeping your sanity while parenting a toddler and told you about our life lately.


September I talked about making new friends (and after starting my photography business, slowed down on blogging).  I showed you a day in our lives and our little Tay tay turned 4 months old.


October I talked about the unexpected effects of staying home part-time and the fleeting moments that I want to capture forever.  Taylor turned 5 months old and we started solids (which, inevitably leads to poop talk).


November I finally got around to posting our Halloween photos.  I shared an ordinary moment of nursing my last baby to sleep and started project 365.  I started my subscription to StitchFix and shared the first shipment with you – an absolutely life-saver to this very busy mama.  We started and ended potty training and I shared the whole bit, including the un-success (part 1, part 2, part 3).  As we reached a half-year milestone, I shared her 6 month post and updated you on my feelings on becoming a family of 4.


December we continued out traditions and picked out our Christmas tree at Winterberry Farm.  Taylor turned 7 months old and I blogged about our little Peanut and the strides she’s made in the last 6 months.  As we prepared for Christmas, we baked holiday cookies for our neighbors and I shred with you our tricks to get our toddler to eat.

And that, my friends, wraps up another year.  Cannot believe that 2013 is over, but above that, I cannot believe that we’re 30 and have 2 kids.  I don’t know about you guys, but it seems that time has officially started going too fast for me to keep up.