Project 365, week 5

This should really be called Project “as many photos as I managed this week.”  But ya know what? Even with limited photos, I’m loving this.

November 28: Thanksgiving with the beloved Gigi and the rest of the most amazing family.


November 29: Not only did we get to see Gigi, but Peanut got to hang with her best pal, Bella.  These two are like soul mates and it’s killing us not to be ready for another big dog (ok, we’re kind of ready but we’re scared to take on even more responsibility right now when things are hairy as is)


November 30: after the drive home (and naps for the girls) Jon and I had a lot of unpacking to do…and the girls caught up on some TV.
December 1:  trying a setup for a home studio.  And these two doodles.

December 2: noodles

December 3: this kid.  She is the life of our party.

December 4:  Peanut, while playing at the sink in the bathroom (I was giving the baby a bath right next to her, but my back was to her), “Gotta clean the ta-yet…gotta clean the ta-yet.”  After a minute or so I turned around to lear that “ta-yet” is “toilet” and she was using her toothbrush.


  1. “Gotta clean the toilet”! Love it! My two year old prefers flushing things down the toilet. Lol!

  2. HAHAHA! Omg, I totally laughed out loud at cleaning the toilet… oh my. Kiddos. :)

  3. OMG P cracks me up with the ta-yet comment. What a character. I love the backdrop you were messing with for photos. Beautiful! I wish you could take pictures of my family! Too bad CT is a ways away from NC. You should come visit. It’s supposed to be 75 today.

  4. I just love your kids! Link up your post with our Catch the Moment linky! :)

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