Teaching about “giving”

It seems that every year we seem to do a lot of the same things over and over, naturally forming our own traditions.  Leading up to Christmas, we go out to see the Fantasy of Lights, a local Christmas lights display that you drive through and the money goes to support Good Will.  We get our tree from a local Christmas Tree farm, making sure to support local businesses (except that one year that Jon broke his neck and we had to buy our tree at Home Depot).  And we bake Christmas cookies to give to our amazing neighbors.  All of it has a big element of fun.  But it also helps to teach our little ones that Christmas is about giving.

addi makes cookies

2013-12-20 Cookie-making-005.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-006.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-007.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-008.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-009.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-010.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-011.jpg
2013-12-20 Cookie-making-014.jpg