January 9: Day in the Life

It’s been a little while since I’ve done a Day in the Life post so I thought I’d give it a go.

Lesson learned: picking up the camera to take photos when you’re home alone with 2 kids and a dog is challenging…at the very least.  Add my neverending laundry pile, dirty pottys, and a carpet that has to be vacuumed daily because a certain baby keeps putting dirt in her mouth, and, well, let’s just say I did my best.

Addison, 2 years 11 months 18 days.  Taylor, 7 months 27 days.

Today is a Thursday which means that we’re home.  

We wake up around 5:30am to the sound of Taylor whining in her crib via the monitor.  We’ve been trying to move her bedtime a few minutes later in hopes that she would wake up closer to 6:30am and it worked for 3 weeks and then we slipped.  Oh, well.  Here’s to trying again this week.

Jon grabs the baby, hands her off to me, and climbs back under the covers. It’s seconds before he’s snoring again and Taylor is happily snuggled up next to me, nursing.  I close my eyes for a little while.  About 20-30 minutes later she’s done and falls back asleep.  I slip out, grab my pump stuff and my phone.  Pumping in the dark while everyone around me is sleeping isn’t much fun but my two friends are always doing the same (or nursing) and so we chat on Facebook for a while.

By 6:45am Jon is up to get in the shower and I hear the toddler stirring, calling “mommy and daddy.”  This wakes the baby up and so we all head over to the living room.  The tot settles in on the couch with her cup of milk and plethora of blankets.  The baby is on the floor with some toys and I’m making coffee.  I have great plans of going to an indoor playground today and so I’m up and moving quicker than usual.

Once Jon is out of the shower and I leave the baby with him while I jump in.  Showering when there is another adult around is amazing and I savor the 5 minutes of warm water and warm room without playing peek-a-boo through a curtain.  Ahh steam.  This does not, however, save me from hearing the cries of the kids outside, struggling for one thing or another.  But at least I’m warm.

Once I’m out, I blow dry my hair (having a short hair cut means I can’t go without a blow dry unless I want to look like a wet cat…kat…cat….get it?) and grab the baby right before Jon gives me a kiss and heads out the door.  It’s 7:45am, the toddler is running wild, the baby is starting to fuss because she’s bored and I haven’t had any coffee yet.  Breathe in, breathe out.

We’ve been struggling with the tot holding her pee so it’s been extra crazy in our household.  Anyways…that’s neither here nor there and I’ll blog about it once we’ve over the hump.

Just after 8 I get everyone’s breakfast on the table and we sit down, a coffee in hand for me.
2014-01-09 365-003.jpg
2014-01-09 365-007.jpg
2014-01-09 365-019.jpg

a day in the life with 2 kids

2014-01-09 365-025.jpg

After breakfast “we” (okay, the toddler) brush our teeth, wash our hands, and go to the potty.  Not in that order.  And in this case there was no actual going in the potty but there was sitting on the potty with an iPad (this is a last effort try to stop the potty fighting that happened after a pretty scary rest stop experience…okay it wasn’t scary but she got scared because the potty flushed while she was on it).
2014-01-09 365-029.jpg
2014-01-09 365-030.jpg
2014-01-09 365-031.jpg
2014-01-09 365-035.jpg


I sip my coffee and look up the time the indoor play ground opens.  It opens at 9:30.  I aim for that.

After the whole bathroom thing we played in “Tayor’s room.”
2014-01-09 365-037.jpg
2014-01-09 365-043.jpg

2014-01-09 365-049.jpg


The tot wanted me to show you pictures of her “blue baby” and who am I to say “no” to that?
2014-01-09 365-055.jpg
2014-01-09 365-057.jpg
2014-01-09 365-059.jpg


Tay has recently started eating really well with her hands (finger foods) which led to, somehow, her learning how to use her sippy cup.
2014-01-09 365-063.jpg
2014-01-09 365-066.jpg


And then Addi told me she wanted me to take a photo of her napping.  Okay, kid.
2014-01-09 365-077.jpg


9:15 and I thought it’d be a good idea to put the baby down for her nap.  Spoiler alert: not a good idea.
2014-01-09 365-080.jpg
2014-01-09 365-082.jpg


The baby played.  Then played.  Then played.  Then cried.  And cried.  So much.

45 minutes later I gave in, picked up the baby, nursed her and held her.  She woke up as soon as I attempted to put her down so I gave up and packed up both kids and headed out. (the “packed up two kids and headed out” took about 45 minutes)

We headed to the indoor playground place (http://www.stayandplayllc.com/ for those that are in the CT area and want an amazing place to burn some energy on these long, cold winter days).  The baby fell asleep almost immediately.  Le Sigh.  No wonder she hates to nap in the crib.

At the play ground the toddler told me she’s hungry and since we planned to eat our lunch there I ordered us some turkey and cheese on whole wheat sandwiches with a banana, pulled out some veggies I packed, and we settled at the table, watching the kids play.  Taylor woke up pretty quickly and I set her in a high chair next to us and fed her some baby food while we all watched.  After lunch the tot ran off to run, climb, slide, and play while the baby and I watched.  The playground was amazing.  Except for the part where I ran around chasing the toddler who was trying to poop in her big girl underpants while the baby was latched on and nursing.  Yeah…..I was that mom.  Thankfully it was lunch/nap time and therefore not many people were around.

At 1:30, after a snack and about 15 potty breaks with about 2 successful go’s, we packed up and headed home.  Taylor slept on the drive home and I tried my best to keep the tot awake long enough to get in the house.  Once inside, Addi marched herself off to bed and Taylor and I hung out.
2014-01-09 365-084.jpg
2014-01-09 365-089.jpg
2014-01-09 365-102.jpg
2014-01-09 365-108.jpg
2014-01-09 365-114.jpg
2014-01-09 365-119.jpg
2014-01-09 365-120.jpg


At 3:30 I went in to wake the toddler up.

I know the whole thing about not waking a kid up but to be honest, with our kid, we learned over time that letting her sleep past 3:30pm means that she will cry for an hour or two.  If we wake her up by 3:30pm she’s happy.
2014-01-09 365-123.jpg
2014-01-09 365-125.jpg


She may need a little more time to wake up so the baby and I settle in to play.
2014-01-09 365-126.jpg
2014-01-09 365-128.jpg
2014-01-09 365-131.jpg


A giggling Tay always gets this toddler up and awake.  And ready to play.
2014-01-09 365-132.jpg
2014-01-09 365-135.jpg
2014-01-09 365-143.jpg
2014-01-09 365-144.jpg
2014-01-09 365-146.jpg
2014-01-09 365-148.jpg
2014-01-09 365-158.jpg
2014-01-09 365-160.jpg
2014-01-09 365-161.jpg
2014-01-09 365-163.jpg
2014-01-09 365-164.jpg


(her tush matches her chair, lol)

After everyone was awake we headed to the main living area where the tot drank some milk and watched a little bit of TV and the baby and I hung out and prepped for dinner.
2014-01-09 365-166.jpg


Then everyone cried and dinner didn’t work out.  I texted Jon to get us some Mexican food and settled in to play with the kids.  We played, sang, danced, ran, jumped.  We tried the potty, cried, laughed, tickled.  Jon walked in the door around 5:40pm and we were happy to have daddy home.

At 6 we all sit down to eat.  The tot has a separate meal because our food is spicy.  She insists on trying mine and then cries when her “tongue is burned.”  We all have a good laugh.  And a lot of water.  At 6:45pm we put the kids in the bath (thankfully, since Tay looks like she swam in her food rather than ate it) and then it’s bedtime.

Jon changes Tay and reads her books while I settle the tot on the couch with some milk and TV time.  Then we switch and I feed Tay while Jon hangs with Peanut.  At 7:30 I’m finished and I have some plans with some local moms for a drink.  I kiss the tot goodnight as she heads for bed with her daddy and go out.

By 10 I’m home and Jon’s already in bed.  I brush my teeth and climb under the covers.

If you have a Day in the Life post, I want to see it!

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