Sunday funday

By the number of times that I’ve started a 365 or a photo a day or whatever the latest thing that caught my attention is, I certainly don’t seem to learn that it’s just not in my ability to keep up.

I get overwhelmed.  I get bored.  Time escapes me.  Life takes priority.  Or I just end up taking the lame pic last minute and who’s growing with that one?  No one.  And then you’re probably bored too.

New idea: no more commitments to anything in particular.  Just blog.  About life.  And post photos when I take them.  When I’m inspired to.  When it’s fun.  When it doesn’t take away from our day or feel forced.

Now let’s see if I can commit to that? ;)

365 kinda
2014-01-26 Sunday Funday-003.jpg
2014-01-26 Sunday Funday-007.jpg