I always hear that Taylor is a “mini me,” something that I don’t really buy. ┬áBut I’ll let you be the judge.

I recreated some photos that my parents took of me at 10 months (although Taylor is only 8.5 I think it’s close enough).

kat and tay2

kat and tay3


  1. ummmmmmmmmmm…. YEAH! With a little Daddy thrown in there…

  2. I don’t see it at all! super cute pictures though!

  3. The first pic, I say absolutely and the second and third, I am a little more iffy on! I am still going to go with yes though and I love that you did this! What fun pics!

  4. Fun way to compare pictures!!

  5. Definitely! What a cool photo project!

  6. Brooke Gregg says:

    Very cool post!

  7. love love love! she is TOTALLY your mini me! :) so adorable!!!

  8. What a wonderful idea, I absolutely love it. I might have to do something similar with my childhood photos if I can find the pics in my loft. They are so so so so cute! x

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