Life, lately

It’s been so long since I’ve posted that I barely even know where to start.

I have 11 drafts that are all incomplete.  They’re pretty far along, but I haven’t had time or energy to sit down and complete a thought yet.  And every couple of days I get another one of those “omg I so need to blog about this” moments and I start yet another draft.  That I then abandon because it’s late/the kids need me/I can barely read my own words anymore.

To say that life lately has been busy would be an understatement.  But it’s been a fun busy.  The kind where you hear laughter throughout your house and the kids are chasing one another while you carefully survey all sharp corners.  In the mornings I get up, feed the baby, pump and am just about ready to conquer the world (aka get ready for work, shower, or clean and cook, depending on the day) when I hear a tiny little voice from the living room couch, “Mommy?  Come snuggle me!”  And who am I to say “no” to that?  Our days are filled with work and school, play dates and appointments, family and friends.


On top of all that Jon was traveling for 3 weeks in a row (a few days each week), which means that although I get to be the sole snuggler (win) I also get to be the person who not only cooks, cleans, feeds, baths, reads, and picks up, but I’m the one that washes all the dishes, gets stuff laid out for the next day, and tries to remember to feed the dog.  These days are fun and lively, for sure, but they also don’t leave much room for anything other than crawling to my bed and hoping I can reach the pillow before my eyes close on me.  (parents who do this all the time and single parents – I feel the need to send you wine….and a very soft pillow).

Peanut lately is…stubborn.  She’s taking her 3-year role very seriously and putting her tiny little foot down at every turn.  I absolutely love that she knows what she wants and doesn’t budge, but as a mom of a 3 year old it’s challenging.  She’s also becoming more and more outgoing and independent, something that we’ve always wanted for her.  She’s starting to actually interact with some of new kids that she meets throughout the day, running around and laughing.  She’s still amazing at being able to entertain herself when we’re home and that’s one of the most amazing qualities in a 3 year old.   At quiet times she loves to sit and “read” a book.  She can do this for a half hour at a time, concentrating on every page.  She’s also turning into one of the best helpers, putting away dirty dishes into the sink and laundry into the laundry basket, picking up toys after an activity, fetching stuff for Taylor, and even learning how to dress herself.

PicMonkey Collage

Taylor lately is a little Energizer bunny.  That kid does.not.stop.  She’s mastered crawling, walking along furniture, standing on her own, and even taking a couple of unassisted steps here and there.  Her movement is constant and with the exceptions of nap time or night time, she’s always getting into something.  After baby proofing the house for Peanut we wondered why we did as much as we did.  Peanut never opened any doors she wasn’t supposed to, had any interest in the bathroom, or climbed up on anything.  We’ve become lax about putting latches on or covering hard surfaces.  Taylor?  Taylor’s purpose in life, I’m pretty sure, is to challenge everything we’ve ever known about raising a baby.  To date she’s opened up every drawer in the house (including those with safety latches), pulled down most items on shelves she can reach and climbed a step up to reach the things she can’t, chewed on corner protectors, emptied all baskets and DVD contained, chewed on the dog toys, stuck dog food in her mouth and splashed in the dog water, tore apart my pantry.  She can get from point A to point B faster than I can blink (tested) and knows exactly what we do not want her to do and then, of course, smiles this mischievous little smile of hers and does it.  The thing is that we actually spend more time marveling and laughing than we do stopping her, so that’s on us.


2014-02-09 Sharon weekend-076.jpg

The funny thing about both girls is that the way they behave at home when it’s just us is so different than how they behave out and about.  Peanut becomes quiet and obedient.  Her daily chatter and non-stop “why” is almost non-existent.  She observes the world around her and listens to my instructions carefully.  I can trust her with almost any direction and can rely that unless she is completely exhausted or hungry, she won’t throw any crying fits out in public.  Taylor is still on the move when we’re out but her stubborn cries and boredom wails disappear.  She is the happiest baby, laughing at everyone, giving them smiles and snuggling up to me.  She loves to people watch and can entertain herself for what seems like forever.
2014-02-09 Sharon weekend-029.jpg

Needless to say we don’t spend a lot of time at home if we can help it.  We go to the local libraries, out to indoor playground or Children Museums (yay for season passes) when it’s cold, or to the local playgrounds and parks when it’s warm enough.  We go sledding, swing in the back yard, and let the dog chase snow balls.  We go to the stores, pick up groceries, or just head out to visit friends.  It can be a little challenging getting everyone out the door at times, but we know the rewards once we’re out and about.

And that, my friends, is our life, lately.  Now to finish off those 11 drafts…