I have been giving the whole public blog sharing the intimate details of not only my life but the life of our two little girls a lot of thought.  I know that today with Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and all the new social media and the way things are out on the open in world wide web it is practically the same thing as running an open blog, but every once in a while (especially after a post about some creepy thing happening) I question what I share and I start to worry.

And then I stop blogging openly.

And then I worry that I’m not blogging and that I won’t have this journal to reply on when I’m inevitable about 3 years behind on their baby books.

And then I worry some more- you know, the usual mom thing.

And while I reorganize the worries in my head, I’m concentrating on photography.

Today I am entering in the I Heart Faces challenge for Smile.  Because how can you not smile looking at that photo?
Photo Challenge Submission