Taylor is 10 months

Taylor-bean…….sorry for the photos, kid.  You were really sick and this was the best we could do.

A little digression: you were sick with what appears to have been Roseola last week and you were absolutely miserable the entire time.  It made me realize just how happy you are every day and what a little goof you are.  I missed the goof.  But as of Sunday you are all better and spent most of dinner trying to make us all laugh.  Phew.

Now on to the 10 month post.

10 months old

Our (very late) 9 month appointment confirmed that you have reached all of your 12 month milestones and are moving on to the next big thing.  Walking.

Although I would not say that you are “walking” just yet, you are definitely taking a lot of steps on your own.  I am in a constant battle with myself between celebrating this huge milestone and pushing you down (gently) because I’m not ready for a full blown toddler.  (Don’t worry, I celebrate…mostly).

So to review, you’re crawling, standing, walking along furniture, and taking steps all on your own.  And you’re real proud of it too.
2014-03-13 Taylor is 10 mo-013.jpg

Since we’re on the milestone list, you’re also clapping, giving high five on demand, (mostly) giving kisses on demand (wet, slobbery ones).  You observe everything, love to dance, wave bye-bye (and even attempt to say it), and try to do the signs for most basic nursery songs.
2014-03-13 Taylor is 10 mo-026.jpg

You’ve completely mastered the pincer grasp and demonstrate it by pinching me constantly.  You’ve also discovered your pointer finger this month and point to everything all the time.  From the moment you wake up, you raise that little finger up and have it ready for any occasion until you go back to sleep.

Not only are you trying to imitate our speech, you also understand most simple commands and words.  You definitely know the basic “more” “all done” “hi” “bye” but you also know (and I think say) “dog” “Addi” “mama” “dada.”  You know “sit down” especially when it’s in the tubby and you try to wiggle your way up, “come here” when Addi and I run from room to room and you follow up, and most of all you know “Tayyyyyylor….” when we draw your name out as we catch you doing something you shouldn’t, to which you reply with a sly smile and a giggle before continuing to do whatever you were doing (pulling apart laundry, going through any unlocked drawers, putting your hands int he toilet…ya know, the usual stuff).
2014-03-13 Taylor is 10 mo-036.jpg
Although you are a little wary of strangers, you are definitely not the incredibly shy baby that your sister was.  You don’t want a stranger to hold you right away but you’ll smile, wave and “flirt” with them as you snuggle up to your mama for extra comfort.  You absolutely love being out and about and have no big anxieties if I’m nearby (when I’m not there it’s a whole different story).  By this point your sister would cling to my legs and wail at daycare drop-offs.  You barely wave goodbye as you crawl/stumble toward your play pals.
2014-03-13 Taylor is 10 mo-058.jpg

You are eating the same meals as us for every meal now and although we leave out some things (peanut butter, corn, honey, sugary treats, shell fish) and sub some others, you’re eating just about everything.  You have a definite preference for certain foods (avocado, apples, banana, cheerios, chicken, hot dogs, red grapes, sweet potato, eggs, pancakes, waffles) and are very vocal about what you don’t like (green grapes, raspberries, blueberries).  You are not a big fan of being spoon fed now that you eat everything with your fingers, but we’ve come up with some awesome tricks to feed you things like yogurt or soup (some involve choo-choo train noises, while others involve giving you two spoons, one for each hand, to occupy the hands).

Your favorite games are peek-a-boo (which you do with blanket, book and even your hands — the last one if the funniest), hide and go seek (you exclaim so loud when we find your sister), and chasing Travis and Addi around the house.  You absolutely love the plastic kitchen we have and spend endless amount of time putting things in cupboards and taking them out.  You can “read” books for hours and love having one with you for car rides.  You and your sister love to cruise throughout the house with your walkers and you seek it out every where you go.  You also love the Ball-a-palooza, play house, and dolls.  But above all that, you love being out of the house with your friends and family.
2014-03-13 Taylor is 10 mo-052.jpg

You are still such a goof.  You love to make us laugh and have this hilarious fake laugh that you do when you think that you’re doing something funny.  Aside from this past week of sickness, you are seriously the happiest, most(ly) easy-going baby.

Happy 10 month, Tay-tay.

ps- starting to plan your first birthday party.  just…wow.


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