The first dance class

Friday was Peanut’s first dance class.  So many emotions ran through my mind that I can barely collect them all and put them down on “paper.”

But mostly it was pride.

I was so proud.  I watched my 3 year old stand tall, listen to directions and follow through.  She was absolutely incredible.  After the initial circle time, she agreed to staying up there by herself, letting me run to the side and grab my camera.  She participated and seemed to absolutely love it.  She talked to the other girls, held their hands, let the teacher direct her movements.  She took it very seriously (as she always does) and repeated each move with precision.  Slow and steady, Peanut’s way.

She stretched and tapped and tumbled.

And I sat there, holding back tears.

2014-03-07 first dance class-010.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-028.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-041.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-061.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-068.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-082.jpg
2014-03-07 first dance class-001.jpg

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