Taylor is 11 months

Our dearest little miss Tish – you are officially in the last month before you turn 1.  You have no idea what that does to your mama’s heart.

taylor is 11 months

You are an absolute goofball and love bug.  If I had to describe you to someone those would be the exact words I’d use.  You love to laugh and to make everyone around you laugh.  And you love to cuddle.  24/7.  Hugs, snuggles, open-mouthed kisses – your favs.

Although I still don’t think I would call you a full-on walker, you are definitely walking more and more.  You are starting to choose walking over crawling most times and although you stumble and fall a lot, you get right up and keep going.  Your perseverance excited, scares, and makes me proud all at once.


You’ve mastered “hi” and a wave and “bye bye” and a wave.  In fact, you wave pretty much all the time.  On walks when you see a dog or a person, at the store in the cart when someone smiles at you.  When we get somewhere, when we leave, when anyone at all pays any attention to you or even makes a sound.  You are such a little social bird.  The little sounds of “hi” and “buh bye” are beyond adorable.


You are babbling non-stop and starting to actually sound like you’re using words.  Some that we think you are meaning to use are “dog,” “addi,” “travis,” “ball,” “water.” Some that I know you’re saying are “dada” and “mama.”

You’re strong-willed and I don’t think that will ever change, nor would I want it to.  But you are a little goofball.  You’ll struggle with me for a toy that you want, screaming in my face and then, when I react with shock, you laugh a full belly laugh.  Hard not to laugh along with you.


Your favorites are eggs, muffins, watermelon, apples, Travis, Addi, daddy and, obviously, your mama.

You are not a fan of being told “no,” although you mostly just laugh and do it anyways; unflavored food; not being held 24/7.

You are still incredibly amazing at being able to entertain yourself though.  I know that battles the “being held” comment but somehow you are both.  When we are doing things, you want to be on my hip. But when we’re home and playing, you can play on your own for an hour! It’s amazing.  We are so proud of you and seriously cannot imagine our lives without you, little doodle bug.