Citrus Lane box – April

So I actually got another Citrus Lane box because I forgot to cancel it but at $9/month this was actually totally worth it.  The girls both absolutely loved this box geared toward Taylor, although there were definitely age inappropriate items in there.  Nevermind….I wrote the wrong name and wrong birthday.  This was meant for Peanut.  Phew….

Wanna know what we got?

I must say, I do love getting a little gift in the mail.  It’s so exciting to open it and dig through the content.  Apparently this is genetic because both girls were giddy to open it.

citrus lane 1.jpg

 They ripped the whole thing apart in under a couple of minutes and each of them picked their favorites.

citrus lane 2.jpg

Our little book lover, Tay focused on the book first and then moved on to the tumblers.  (ps- what is a tumbler??)

Peanut couldn’t wait for us to open the flower set.  It’s a puzzle where you get to build your own flowers.  Taylor wanted to help but I thought that a lot of the pieces were too small for her so we ended up taking away the small items and letting the girls play with the bigger ones.  They absolutely love them and keep playing over and over!  They’re now been to the bath, to bed with Peanut, to the potty, and even outside.

I am actually kind of excited about the dish soap because I end up having to wash pump parts and love a little traveling size one!

Now I’m tempted to keep the membership going!

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