A dinner date between two 1 year olds

2014-06-06 smash-1458.jpg

Oh man, I’ve been looking forward to a quiet dinner the whole day.
2014-06-06 smash-1460.jpg

I gotta tell ya, Hunt, this place would be much better if the other patrons weren’t on top of us all the time.  I swear it’s like I’m under 24/7 surveillance.


2014-06-06 smash-1462.jpg

I couldn’t agree more.  And the waiter keeps hovering.  Maybe I should just dump my drink on the floor and give him something to do other than watch us.
2014-06-06 smash-1466.jpg


Ah, crap.  The paparazzi is here again.

Just don’t look at them, hunny.   They’ll get bored and walk away.

(paparazzi: footsy playing under the table, score!)

(Oh, and if you’re wondering if these two are in the same outfit?  They are.  This is what happens when you let me watch your children.  I dress them up alike to mine, even if it’s a boy.)