Peanut-isms. Alternatively, Things My 3 year Old Says

Sometimes living with a 3 year old is kind of like living with a tiny little comedian.  Here are some of the latest.

things my 3 year old says

Me, “Peanut, we’re running late. Let’s hurry.”
P, “I can’t hurry. I’m a slow turtle. ” proceeds to take teeny tiny slow steps toward the door.


Sitting down at dinner and Peanut says, “mom, guess what?” To which I obviously reply, “what?” Casually she says, “chicken butt!” And then laughs.


2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1093.jpg

Wiping the chair arm with water, “Mom, don’t put your elbows up there. I’m cleaning with chemicals that smell like spicy cucumbers.”


“I love butterflies, but not hogs.”


2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-026.jpg

This morning someone in our family broke posterior silence (and I’m not going to name names) and without skipping a beat, Peanut yells out: “Poop!” “Poop!” “Something stinks!” “Did someone fart!?!”  We now call her a “Fart Alarm.”

Speaking of farts – Peanut farts and I ask, laughing, “Was that you?”  Peanut, “No…it was Tayor.”  Then smiles, turns and walks away.
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1145.jpg
Laughing at Taylor’s silliness, “Tayor….you’re so cute and squishy!”

I sit down on the couch and Peanut climbs and sits down next to me. By next to me I mean practically on top of me. Me, “Addi, why are you on top of me?” Peanut, “Because you’re very snuggly and soft.”
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1140.jpg

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