Peanut-isms. Alternatively, Things My 3 year Old Says

Sometimes living with a 3 year old is kind of like living with a tiny little comedian.  Here are some of the latest.

things my 3 year old says

Me, “Peanut, we’re running late. Let’s hurry.”
P, “I can’t hurry. I’m a slow turtle. ” proceeds to take teeny tiny slow steps toward the door.


Sitting down at dinner and Peanut says, “mom, guess what?” To which I obviously reply, “what?” Casually she says, “chicken butt!” And then laughs.


2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1093.jpg

Wiping the chair arm with water, “Mom, don’t put your elbows up there. I’m cleaning with chemicals that smell like spicy cucumbers.”


“I love butterflies, but not hogs.”


2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-026.jpg

This morning someone in our family broke posterior silence (and I’m not going to name names) and without skipping a beat, Peanut yells out: “Poop!” “Poop!” “Something stinks!” “Did someone fart!?!”  We now call her a “Fart Alarm.”

Speaking of farts – Peanut farts and I ask, laughing, “Was that you?”  Peanut, “No…it was Tayor.”  Then smiles, turns and walks away.
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1145.jpg
Laughing at Taylor’s silliness, “Tayor….you’re so cute and squishy!”

I sit down on the couch and Peanut climbs and sits down next to me. By next to me I mean practically on top of me. Me, “Addi, why are you on top of me?” Peanut, “Because you’re very snuggly and soft.”
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1140.jpg


  1. Parker loves the chicken butt joke too. Ah, 3 year olds ;)

  2. Awww! This made me smile so big! She is growing so fast! I love the relationship that she and Taylor share, too!

  3. That last photo is great!

  4. OMG I love this. That last picture is the best! Frame it!!

  5. So funny!! She loves butterflies but not hogs. OMG!!! And spicy cucumbers??? That kid!

  6. It’s so lovely and funny what they come out with sometimes isn’t it? And she looks so grown up in the photos. I love the ‘snuggly and soft’ comment- so cute!

  7. She is too cute!

  8. Oh my days this post is so cute & funny! Peanut sounds like a proper little dudette that is going to bloom into a beautifully funny young lady! x

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