Potty training essentials

Do you guys know what the latest and greatest topic of conversation in the King household is?


It’s always been poop.

Or at least since the littles were born.

Peanut is now fully potty trained although we still have some…set backs in the poop department from time to time.  And Tay?  Well Tay has decided that she prefers to poop on the potty rather than her diaper at the ripe age of 1.  This kid is in such a hurry to grow up.

Now before you all freak out that she’s like all advanced and ready to take over NASA or something – it’s all in the “tell.”  I can tell when she has to go which is pretty much around the same time each day and she has always hated going in her diaper.  So when it’s time, I sit her on the potty and she just goes.  I don’t know how it works but it just does.  It’s not every time but it’s a lot of the time and it’s nuts. (not literally though).

Anyway, so there is a lot of poop talk in the King household as of late.

And since we’re talking about poop, I thought I’d post about poop.  Because who doesn’t want to read about poop?

If your little ones are ready for the next step that is potty training, here are a few essentials that have helped us.

2014-07-22 cottonelle wipes-003

1.  A stand-alone potty.  We had 3.  Yes 3.  For whatever reason Peanut just did not like the first two.  Sure they were nice to look at but when it came time to go potty, she refused.  Until we got the Summer potty.  Then she was more than happy to sit on that potty.  It’s not expensive and it’s not fancy but for some reason it just suited her needs.


2.  A potty that goes on top of the toilet.  Yes, our kid needed both.  In fact, when we were in the “training” phase, we used both of these.  Then we put away the stand alone potty and just use the one that goes on the toilet.  And, since we really enjoy spending our money on potties, we also tried out 3 different ones and settled on 2 (one for each bathroom).  The small bathroom that has a regular size toilet we use a cheepie that we got at Walmart.  The main bathroom has this weird elongated toilet (don’t get me started on the two culprits who chose it) and all the potty seats we’ve tried don’t fit right and there have been a number of occasions when Peanut almost fell in the toilet.  Until we got the OXO potty seat.   Which we all love.  Yes, we love a potty seat.  Remember? We talk about poop here.  A lot.

3.  TP and wipes.  I know there are many awesome parents who can just use TP (that stands for toilet paper for those of you that are not spending countless hours discussing toilet items) and that’s cool with me.  But for us that just means half a roll down the toilet and more laundry.  Gross laundry.  So instead we use wipes with the kids.

I know there are other wipes on the market but most of them are not safe to use with a septic.  Then I was asked to review Cottonelle wipes which are safe to use with a sewer and a septic.  They’re flushable, alcohol-free and have an awesome dispenser that doesn’t draw your eye straight to the wipes.  Ummm….win win?  Yep.  Win win.   Instead of half a roll of toilet paper, we use 1-2 wipes and everyone is cleaned up and on their merry way.

4.  Plastic gloves.  You know the ones they use at hospitals and daycare?  Yes, those.  For those who know me, you know that I h a t e poop-related things.  I gag.  My eyes tear.  I can’t do it.  But with a potty training kid you can’t gag.  So when we started potty training the daycare teacher who has had a good 500 laughs at my poop-hate told me to just go out and buy gloves.  She said it would make a huge difference.  And so I did.  And ya know what?  It makes a huge difference!  I don’t even mind wiping butts (as much) anymore.  Unless the husband is home.  Then it’s totally all him.

5.  Books. iPad.  Toys.  Things that keep them entertained on the potty while they wait to go.  Self explanatory, right?

6.  Step stool.  We love the kind that folds up and gets put away.  We got two of them, one for each bathroom, at Homegoods and they’re super easy to get out of sight and out of tripping distance.


So there you have it.  Our potty essentials.  What are yours?

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(This post is sponsored by Cottonelle but all opinions are my own).

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