Rainy days bring out the crazy in us #WordlessWednesday

I actually took these back in May but never shared them and they are way too funny not to share.

Rainy days bring out the crazy in us.

I’m sure I am missing out on some sort of link up – feel free to post a link in the comments and I’ll visit/link up.
2014-05-21 day in life-1107.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1098.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1122.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1127.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1133.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1153.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1154.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1168.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1179.jpg
2014-05-21 day in life-1186.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1197.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1198.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1204.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1206.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1212.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1223.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1228.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1236.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1238.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1246-Edit.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1251.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1252.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1253-Edit.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1260.jpg
2014-05-22 day in life-1264.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1092.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1093.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1095.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1101.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1103.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1105.jpg
2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1112.jpg


  1. Love them!! You are a brave woman to let them paint! LOL Does that happen to be seamless backdrop paper? :)

    • haha YES Carrie. When the paper gets to be too bent or wrinkly, I cut it off and save it for days like these. Then I let them paint all over it or sometimes Peanut likes to draw herself in full size. They LOVE it.

  2. How fun. Painting looks like a blast for the kids!! I see pictures of Addison all the time here and on instagram and facebook, but am just now noticing how long her hair is!!
    What is that chair that Taylor is sitting in watching tv and in earlier pics? Part of a high chair..or something separate?

  3. Awww, cute and beautiful pics! And a great idea with the painting on the floor!

  4. I just came back again and now my favorite picture is the first one!! OH MY messy baby!

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