I never want to forget

The little things.  The way you brush your teeth.  The way your hair smells.  The way you talk to me the entire time that we’re together, narrating, repeating things you’ve heard throughout the week.  You are growing like a weed – a beautiful, wonderful, smart weed.  And I cannot seem to get enough of you.

2014-08-01 big girl-002.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-003.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-004.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-006.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-009.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-010.jpg
2014-08-01 big girl-012.jpg


My big girl.


  1. Awww!!!! Kat!!! Your posts lately have been making me all emotional, too, and I don’t even know you!!! Awww!!!! So sweet!!!! And you have absolutely beautiful daughters!!!!! This one is drop dead gorgeous, and I’m noticing her little sister is getting so pretty, too!!!! You are a blessed Mama!!!!

  2. So sweet!! You know there are times when I think, I NEVER want to forget this.

  3. I love her and you!! You spoke right to my heart! I feel this every.single.day!

  4. Freeze time NOW!!! Oh my little peanut, you are so cute. I know just how you feel Kat.

  5. So sweet! I feel the same way! Let’s find a way to slow down time or capture all these memories forever!

  6. She’s drop dead gorgeous!!!! I loved this post!!!!

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