Toys that span the 3 and 1 age group

You know what I love?  Toys that make both of my girls giggle and it just so happens that the toy that Bright Starts™ sent over for a review is one of those toys! I was so giddy when we were picked for Bright Starts™ toys because they all looked like something my girls would love.  Even more awesome was getting chosen to test out the Jungle Fun Ball Climber™–something I knew the girls would have a blast with.  You see, Tay and Peanut both have a teeny tiny obsession with toys that shoot balls into the air.  Something about the pop and all the excitement of it all that gets them going like no other. This time we invited our friends to come over for a Friday play date and check out the new toy that I kept hidden away for 4 days (p.s.- not easy).  The girls couldn’t even wait for me to go get some scissors before they tore into the box.


The kids eagerly turned it on (Peanut, really) and waited patiently (to my surprise) as the balls made their way up the little climber and rolled down the slide. That lasted one turn and then it was a free for all.

2014-08-01 bright start-003.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-004.jpg

And to no surprise, within 10 minutes Hunter figured out that there was a little hook at the top that rolled the balls down the slide. See that look in his eyes?  That’s mischief. 2014-08-01 bright start-005.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-006.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-007.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-008.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-009.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-011.jpg

On the plus side, the toy doesn’t break that easily.  That, friends, we tested. Thoroughly, I might add. 2014-08-01 bright start-010.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-012.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-018.jpg 2014-08-01 bright start-019.jpg  

And since the play date, we’ve actually kept the ball climber in the living room, where only a handful of toys go.  The girls love pulling it out and letting the balls go flying. Now, the fun part. Learn a little more about Bright Starts™ and check out your baby’s Baby Laugh Index™.  And if you’re at BlogHer’14 conference, they’re one of the sponsors and will debut these new toys there! Want to get a $100 Visa Gift Card?  Tell me what toys make your baby laugh the most. Share your answer in the comments below for a chance to win one of these Bright Starts™ toys: Jungle Fun Ball Climber™, Hide ‘n Spin Monkey™, or 3-in-1 Step & Ride Lion™.

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  1. My daughter goes crazy for this toy lawn mower that makes a real “mower” noise and swirls (contained) balls around inside (with a LOT of noise, of course). I am hoping that we can extrapolate this talent to REAL lawn mowing (or mopping) ASAP! She also loves knocking down anything we can stack – blocks, duplo blocks, books, etc. Endless fun (and endless clean up lol!).

  2. my daughter’s fake camera makes her laugh the most!

  3. D Schmidt says:

    My Son’s stuffed monster makes him laugh the most.

  4. D Schmidt says:
  5. Nicole Dz says:

    The toy that makes my baby laugh the most is his sit & spin toy. He lets out such a giggle and it makes me laugh too.

  6. Nicole Dz says:
  7. T Michelle Trump says:

    My kiddos love laugh when chasing bubbles and also when putting puppet shows!

  8. My kids love any and all balls. Throwing, bouncing off the floor and against the wall make them both laugh so much!

  9. My 1 yr old laughs the loudest when his older brother throws and bounces the ball and also when they play peek-a-boo in their kiddie circus tent.

  10. The bubble gun always makes all the kids laugh.

  11. What makes my kids laugh the most is usually each other!


  12. My son doesn’t really laugh at his toys. His favorite is these lift a flap books by Sebastian Braun. He loves it when I read it to him and he wants me usually to read it at least four or five times.

  13. courtney b says:

    my kids have a jack in the box that they are obsessed with. they sit and laugh with it all day !:)

  14. courtney b says:
  15. My son loves his fake cell phone!

  16. Since I don’t have kids I don’t have an answer for this, but I do have friends/family with littles so I have bought a few of them kids digital cameras. My friend’s little girl walks around telling everyone that’s she’s Carrie Towns and to smile! :) Made me laugh. But it’s her favorite toy and she makes sure to take it with her everywhere. My friend has uploaded pics that El has taken to FB. Love seeing her mind at work.

  17. My daughter loves her soft blocks.

  18. Anything that makes noise is my baby’s favorite toy at the time.

  19. She loves her little plush owl!

  20. What makes my nieces laugh is reading them Amelia Bedelia books.

  21. Kimmy Ripley says:

    My daughter is VERY ticklish and that is what makes her laugh the most. It’s so cute! She is ticklish everywhere. Her favorite toy, though, is her big 20″ Hello Kitty. That always makes her giggle.

  22. My son loves anything with popping balls.

  23. Our cat makes our daughter laugh the most. She thinks everything he does is hilarious.

  24. I shared this promotion on twitter

  25. Rebecca Graham says:

    When my son was a baby, toys with loud noises made him laugh the most.

  26. MIne loved a Jack in the box

  27. My kids got excited over balls and books.

  28. My grandson has a little basketball game that rings every time you put the little ball through the hoop. He laughs and laughs when he makes the bell ring. But after 10 hoops there’s a loud buzzer and it scares him so he takes off running.

  29. my nephew still love balls of any kind

  30. My granddaughter loves her See n Say. Every animal sound sends her into gales of laughter.

  31. She loves this mobile which has fish

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  32. tweet

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

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