Second Pregnancy Posts

6 weeks: some things are the same, some are really different

8 weeks & I want to cry uncle

10 weeks: apparently 10 weeks is when the paranoia kicks in

12 weeks: I name all my kids after food

14 weeks: it’s harder with the second one

15 weeks: some pregnancy details

16 weeks: I start panicking and having meltdowns in the middle of the day

18 weeks: Pregnancy brain is a real thing and it’s back with fierceness with number 2

20 weeks: A turning point and the gender reveal

22 weeks: Surviving a second pregnancy

24 weeks: not sure why, but I missed this one

26 weeks: Feels like all 30 this time around

27 weeks: some shots of belly and the toddler

28 weeks: and a lot of ramblings

30 weeks: and more toddler photobombs

32 weeks: my thoughts and fears on becoming a family of 4

34 weeks: feeling thankful

36 weeks: kinda ready?

37 weeks: full term

38 weeks: attacking the to-do list, finally

39 weeks: being patient

40 weeks: ok, where is this baby?