Ordinary moments: my little piece of heaven


I know that I say this a lot, but since Taylor is our last I find myself savoring and prolonging every moment, forcing it to stay in my memories forever.  These ordinary moments will always be my "firsts" with Peanut.  And these ordinary moments will always be my "lasts" with Taylor.  Each holding a special place in my heart. Every evening after daddy gets the baby into her pjs and read her the bedtime books, I nurse the baby to sleep. I know that I am supposed to let her fall asleep on her own in her crib, but it's hard to put her down when she's still nursing, making gurgly little sounds, nuzzling me.  She starts to slow down and I cradle her head and run my finger along the temple.  She sighs and I breath out, realizing I was holding my breath again. These evening nursing session, right before she falls asleep, are my little piece of heaven.  Among the noise and the laughter and the crying and the barking, there are these 15-20 minutes when it's just me and Taylor, behind a closed door that mumbles the noise and lets us escape into our own little world.  We rock on the chair, the dog laying by my feet. She starts to slow down, mostly just laying there for comfort rather than nursing and I startle her to switch sides. After a brief panic that she's been removed from her cozy spot, she settles back in and lets out a happy sigh, followed by gurgling and gulping.  I close my eyes for a moment, savoring the feeling.  The painful moments that come along with the … [Read more...]



A little Halloween picture post for you guys - I'd totally write a whole post about how I trick or treated until I was way past the acceptable age because I thought Halloween was like the greatest holiday ever (remember, I moved to the US when I was 12 and there was no Halloween in Russia), but we're on day 1 of potty training and the nap situation is questionable today. Annual Daycare party.   Dorothy, the Lion, and Toto A ferocious Lion. And of course, the 3 Musketeers. And if you're curious Halloween 2011 Halloween 2012 … [Read more...]

Taylor starts solids…and a little about poop

tay starts solids

If there is anything that we learned after introducing solids with Peanut it's to avoid rice cereal as their first food. Let me tell you, after 11 days of no-poop and the horror that happened on day 12, I was ready to call the whole thing off.  The memory is engraved in my head forever, so when it came time to starting solids with Taylor, we walked right past the baby cereal isle and moved on to some organic veggies. For Taylor's first meal we chose butternut squash: a relatively non-allergenic veggie that's a tad sweet but not enough to set her up for a lifetime of obsession with sweets (I don't know how real this is, but let's just go with it). To say that Taylor was a fan of trying real food would be an understatement of a lifetime. We knew that she was ready to start just before 5 months.  She not only followed the food with her eyes, but attempted (and ok, a few times succeeded) to grab whatever was on our plate and immediately shove it in her mouth (don't worry, in her successful attempts we were just as quick to grab it out of her hands before she got it in her mouth).  And to add to her interest in food, she started to get frustrated anytime that we ate.  We also noticed, during our round with antibiotics (poor kid), that Taylor no longer had the chocking reflux that helped her push whatever food was in her mouth out.  Instead she eagerly swallowed medicine.  She was ready. I wasn't. But we split the difference, and at 5.5 months, a couple of days … [Read more...]

Taylor is 5 months


Dear T-bone, Time is flying.  You're already 5 months old. This month brought on so many changes - you're sitting for a good length of time on your own, you're passing toys back and forth between your hands and bring them to your mouth with precision.  You're even starting to stand up on your own when you have something to support you.  You also definitely know who mommy and daddy are and have a real preference to who is holding you (read: if I hand you off to someone, you scream). This month has also been full of colds.  It seems like you've had an ongoing cold or maybe one after another for over 6 weeks.  We've been in to see the Pediatrician every couple of weeks and after our third visit, we all decided that it is probably a little more than just a cold.  So at the ripe age of 4 months you've had your first round of antibiotic for a sinus infection.  Thankfully, it seems to be working and you're starting to feel better.   And then there is the drool.  Kid, the amount of drool that you produce within the hour is just plain amazing.  You can soak through a bib and two shirts in minutes.  Add on the fact that you've been tugging at your ear and biting down on everything in sight, I think that you're teething. Although you've been struggling with feeling off, you're still a really happy, active baby.  You're always on the move and ready to conquer the next milestone.  Just like your sister, you sat up on your own shortly after 4 … [Read more...]

New BFFs


My bff Laura and I got to experience pregnancy at the same time - our second and their first.  I remember finding out that Laura was pregnant and getting so stinkin' giddy because we would get to share in all things belly and baby!  Our girls are almost exactly 2 months apart and I love that we get to watch them grow side by side.  I'm hopeful that this is the second of many posts like this. And the belly bff to compare:   The BFFs meet (though not for the first time...no no...the first time Taylor screamed for over 2 hours while Laura and Alex - the parents - looked at us with eyes full of fear that this is what newborns are like...their baby was just days old...sorry about that, guys). Happy hump day, friends.   … [Read more...]