My June StitchFix

I’m not going to lie to you guys, I think I am getting a really bad addiction to StitchFix.

For those of you who have heard of them, awesome.  For those who haven’t, let me sum it in the quickest way I know how:  clothes, for you, picked out by someone else, and mailed to your door step.  You pick what you want, pay for that and ship the rest back.

The first thing that I’ve come to understand and actually like is that I don’t keep all the items.  First of all, that’s a really high expectation for someone like me – someone who is so particular about…well…everything.  But without fail at least 1 of the items is exactly what I want and on average I keep 2-3 items per shipment.  I don’t mind the 2-3 items for many reasons: I like having a couple of new things each month that I can put into my regular rotation and I don’t like spending a lot of money.  The second thing that you should know about StitchFix is that their items are designer pieces and not the $15-20 finds you can score after spending hours at TJMaxx.  And don’t get me wrong, I love me my TJMaxx but the girls at the ages of 3 and 1 just do not understanding flipping through every rack in the store for the one perfect piece.  What they do love is tearing open my StitchFix boxes and then watching me try all the pieces on (seriously, it’s like a little fashion party on a monthly basis – they even clap).  It’s definitely not for everyone, but even as controlling as I am, I’ve learned that my favorite pieces in my closet are my StitchFix pieces and that fuels my addiction.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about my June fix.  Overall, I was so so so excited when I saw the content but after trying everything on, I only ended up keeping one thing.

The pants: wanted to like them but they just didn’t sit right.  I loved the “fit” but when I looked at myself in them they just didn’t do anything for my frame.  Return.


The top: another one I wanted to like so much but it was just too long on my frame.


Here it is with the pants.  Sigh….return.


Another top: LOVED this shirt so much but when I went to take a picture from the side I noticed a tear.  First time that’s happened to my fix.  Disappointing! :(  Return.


 Necklace: newest favorite piece ever.  Dying to wear it!  Keep.
2014-06-13 stichfix june-016.jpg

Another top:  cute color but didn’t look good on me.  Return.

2014-06-13 stichfix june-009.jpg


Tell me – how do you make time to shop for yourself?

This moment brought to you by StichFix and Apple devices

You know how you sometimes stumble onto something that is just perfect for your lifestyle?  Since we’re still a few years away from a dishwasher installed in our sinks that also washes, folds and puts away your laundry, I thought I’d show you guys my newest StichFix keeper.

stitchfix win


This sweater.  It is heavenly.  It’s made of the most delicate fabric, it’s perfect with a nice pant or skirt for work, or for an impromptu night out with some friends and our babies.

Last minute my plans for the weekend were cancelled and I was a bit disappointed.  But then a friend texted and asked if we all wanted to meet out for a pizza and who am I to say “no” to cooking dinner after a long week?

Until I realized I’d have to get dressed and then the usual panic set in.  Until I realized that I have my latest StitchFix box sitting on the counter, begging to be open.  And what do you know?  A keeper!

The best part about StitchFix for me, a lover of all things shopping, is that even when I’m too overwhelmed and busy to be able to get out and keep up with the cuteness that is the latest trend, StitchFix does it for me.  And after 3 shipments, I feel like they totally know me!  With every shipment I left them comments and with every shipment they got closer and closer.  This shipment had items that were just perfect for me, my style, and my lifestyle.

And if you wonder what my children are doing while I’m trying on clothes and taking photos?
2014-01-24 stitchfix-002.jpg
2014-01-24 stitchfix-003.jpg
2014-01-24 stitchfix-008.jpg
2014-01-24 stitchfix-009.jpg


These kids, you guys.  They’re our future.

I sure hope there are iPads and iPhones in that future.  Cuz, ya know, they got skills.


Must be noted, I’ll receive a small referral if you sign up and end up getting your first shipment of StitchFix.  But that’s not why I blog.  I blog because I love it.  And I want you all to get to check it out too.  But ya know, the referral credits are nice too.