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stitchfix win

You know how you sometimes stumble onto something that is just perfect for your lifestyle?  Since we're still a few years away from a dishwasher installed in our sinks that also washes, folds and puts away your laundry, I thought I'd show you guys my newest StichFix keeper.   This sweater.  It is heavenly.  It's made of the most delicate fabric, it's perfect with a nice pant or skirt for work, or for an impromptu night out with some friends and our babies. Last minute my plans for the weekend were cancelled and I was a bit disappointed.  But then a friend texted and asked if we all wanted to meet out for a pizza and who am I to say "no" to cooking dinner after a long week? Until I realized I'd have to get dressed and then the usual panic set in.  Until I realized that I have my latest StitchFix box sitting on the counter, begging to be open.  And what do you know?  A keeper! The best part about StitchFix for me, a lover of all things shopping, is that even when I'm too overwhelmed and busy to be able to get out and keep up with the cuteness that is the latest trend, StitchFix does it for me.  And after 3 shipments, I feel like they totally know me!  With every shipment I left them comments and with every shipment they got closer and closer.  This shipment had items that were just perfect for me, my style, and my lifestyle. And if you wonder what my children are doing while I'm trying on clothes and taking photos?   These kids, you … [Read more...]

This busy mom’s style-saver


There are a number of things that changed since we've had kids.  Like my shoe-shopping habits that had to be reigned in for time restraints and financial reasons.  Or the evenings out and trips to the movies that are rare.  But the one I miss most is clothes shopping. I absolutely love browsing through isles, picking up way too many articles of clothing and spending a half hour in the dressing room.  But with two kids, especially an infant, work, and everything else that is our life, there just isn't room for me to spend a couple of hours just dilly dallying at the mall.  I know that it won't last and I'm not complaining, but I sure do miss the clothes. Fall is a time of the year when I miss it most.  Shopping for new sweaters, cute jeans, or the newest jewelry trends at the change of the season is among my very favorite things to do.  But giving up time at the playground or a hike or a walk in the park?  Well, not really worth it. And then a friend of mine introduced me to Stitch Fix. I've seen a few other bloggers post their Fixes on Instagram and I was always a bit curious and after talking it over with a friend, I decided to give it a go.  And with the arrival of my very own Fix, I was hooked! Let me give you a little summary of the service:  you fill out a survey about your preferences (style, price range, etc etc) and based on that, a personal stylist will pick out 5 items that they feel will fit you best and ship them to you.  You go through them, try … [Read more...]

My favorite things, make up

fav things make up

1.  Urban Decay Naked2.  Obsessed, you guys.  It's my favorite.  Like, ever. 2.  Benefit BENE TINT Rose.  This is the perfect blush for that pinched cheek look. 3.  Benefit High Beam.  I don't leave the house without this one if I'm going out at night.  It's like applying an after-hot-shower bright and shiny look to your face. 4.  Maybelline Great Lash mascara.  My every-day mascara.  It's perfect, never cakes, and doesn't give me a rash. 5.  Neutrogena Healthy Skin EnTancer.   My every-day face make-up.  Just enough tint to even out my skin tone but never feels like I'm wearing any make up. 6.  Neutrogena make-up remover towlettes.  When I can't wash my face properly, or we're going somewhere, this is my must-go-to item. 7.  Mary Kay Ultimate mascara.   My going-out evening mascara.  It seriously doubles the size and thickness of my lashes. 8.  Mary Kay NouriShine Plus Lip Gloss.  Love, love, love this lip gloss.   … [Read more...]

Maternity style, spring and summer pregnancy favorites

So we're back from our vacation and I have to tell you guys, aside from the warm weather, time with family, and the gorgeous ocean view, I miss the warm-weather maternity clothes.  It's just so much more comfortable to wear a skirt and a tank top with flip flops than it is to pull on a sweater on top of a t-shirt and then attempt to put your boots on (omg bending over has never been this hard).  Any who, I have a few favorites from our vacation that I thought I'd share with you. 1.  Old navy maternity tank, $10 (I have it in 2 designs) 2. Old navy fold-over skirt, $15 (probably the most comfortable piece of clothing. ever) 3.  Liz Lange nursing top from Target, $16 (I got it on clearance for about $8 and I bought it in two colors, cutest top ever) 4.  Liz Lange maternity top from Target, $20 (sooo adorable and super comfy) 5.  Target tank tops, not maternity, in a size or two up, $6 (I bought a bunch of these in different colors to layer and I love them) 6. Target cardigans, $10-20, variety (I have like 3-4 cardigans from Target that I adore. Yellow, coral, black...and I wear them long after maternity time) 7. Old Navy bathing suit, $26 (I bought it in green, the bottoms didn't fit so I wore my own with this top but I love the top) 8.  Liz Lange t-shirts from Target, $20 (another item I cannot find online anymore, but I bought this t-shirt in two colors at Target, one of them is pictured below in the first pic) Not pictured above, but I have … [Read more...]

Dressing the bump, week 9-20

Pregnancy and clothes.  Clothes and pregnancy. I must say, with my first pregnancy, I wasn't the biggest fan of maternity clothes.  I hated almost everything labeled "maternity" and felt like nothing ever fit right.  I cried in the changing room the day I had to purchase my first pair of maternity jeans.  Don't even get me started on dress pants. After that experience I swore to myself that with my second pregnancy, I wouldn't feel the same way.  I would enjoy it.  I would wear clothes that fit and find jeans that I loved. And you know what?  I'm having an absolutely great time dressing my bump this time around! My goal with my second pregnancy was to find a few maternity pieces that I loved and that would be versatile enough to wear with various pairings and then I would stick to non-maternity clothing.  Lucky for me, loose tunics, extra long shirts, and cozy sweaters are in fashion. I also have some maternity absolute must haves: a good pair of jeans, leggings...lots of leggings, sweaters, long sleeve shirts in white and black, and tank tops for layering (I am not a fan of the outtie belly button look). Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite outfits from this pregnancy, in case you're searching for something to dress a bump of your own. 9 weeks:  H&M sweater, H&M t-shirt and tank-top, TJ Maxxx leggings...all non-maternity. 13 weeks & 16 weeks: Express non-maternity top with H&M tank top underneath, Seraphine skinny … [Read more...]