A peek into a day in the life of the Kessler Kraziness

Hi y’all, I’m Jess from Kessler Kraziness.  I am so excited to have the opportunity to share what a day is like at my house.  I love reading these kinds of posts when Kat posts them, so when she posted that she was looking for people to tell about their days I jumped at the opportunity.  I guess I should tell you a little bit about me before we get started.  Here goes…
I am originally from Indiana and moved to North Carolina back in 2008 when my hubby got a job in Nascar with Penske Racing.  I love the southern life, especially the weather.  I live with my hubby (Drew), my 22 month old son (Cameron) and our golden retriever (Bocephus).  I love chocolate, reading, shopping, playing with Cam, romantic comedies, being outside, and DIY & crafting.
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Alright, onto A Day in the Life of the Kesslers.  :)
Saturdays are usually very fun and pretty busy days for us.
Our day started with my alarm at 7:00.  Yes, I have to set an alarm on Saturday, but only until the end of May.  Yay!  Cameron has gymnastics on Saturday mornings, so I get up early to shower, etc.  (It’s so much easier to shower before he wakes up than to watch my bathroom get distroyed while trying to get clean.)  Around 7:45 I hear Cam talking in his room, so I get in to get him.  His big smile and laugh makes my morning.  After changing his diaper and getting him dressed we head into the kitchen for breakfast.  Today was a special day because we had some Krispy Kreme donuts.  Yum!!  I don’t buy donuts very often, but they sounded so yummy.


At 8:30 we load up in the car to head to Mooresville for gymnastics. He spent the entire ride down talking and pointing at all the semi-trucks we saw.  His obsession cracks me up.  I promise Cam is excited for his class, but the sun was so bright in his face.


Walking into gymnastics.
 His class began at 9:00.  We walked into the gym and Cam immediately gets on the trampoline to bounce.  He loves standing at the window to watch the cars go by too.  Sometimes I have to pull him away from the window.  He is obsessed with anything with wheels right now.  He decided to spend the majority of his time climbing and running on the tumble track.


Truck!  Truck!
“Go Go Go” he said.
I promise he didn’t push that little boy down.It’s just looks like it.  :)
After gymnastics (9:50) we went to Hobby Lobby for some fabric I needed for a project and to Kohl’s to look for a few pairs of shorts for Cam.  It’s not like he really needed them, but I wanted a few more colors.  Then, around 11:00 we made our way back home to unpack our packages and get organized.


 We got home close to 11:30, so I gave Cam some sidewalk chalk to play with.  He enjoyed making lines and attempting circles.  We went over into the yard, so he could slide and climb on his playset.


Cam usually eats lunch around noon, so we sat down to chow down.  He ate some pepperoni (his fav), cheese, crackers, grapes and a pickle.  Yes friends I said a pickle.  I was as shocked as you.  He has asked to try one before, but after taking a bite said no when I offered it again.  He really wanted one at lunch, so I handed mine over and he finished the entire thing.  It was crazy.
 Lunch lead to reading a ton of books and playing with trucks.  At 1:00 I laid Cam down for his nap.  It’s always great when nap time comes around.  By that point I am in need of a little alone time.  :)  I put on my bathing suit and went out onto the front porch for a little vitamin C and reading.
Lounging on my front porch!
While I was sitting outside my sister sent me a picture of her on her way to dinner, etc for prom.  Holy cow!  She looked beautiful and so grown up.


Cam woke up around 4:00!  It was a very long nap for him and I was so relaxed and ready to play when he got up.  We snuggled on the couch for a bit.  He stole my water bottle.  I guess all that sleeping made him thirsty.
Around 4:30 we went  back into his room for some more books.  Then, Daddy stole him for some couch wrestling.



I slathered more sunscreen on him at 4:45 and we went back outside to play.  Bo wanted to join in on the fun too.  Cam played in his water table and watched Daddy mow the lawn.



Can you see Drew?
Our neighbor and his little boy Kyler stopped over at 5:00 because they saw us playing outside.  Kyler had fun sliding with Cam.  He wanted to take Cameron for a wagon ride, so we made our way down to the road.  Cam was so excited and didn’t want to get out.




I took Cam inside at 6:00 to eat dinner.  After he ate he wanted to play in his toolbench.
Around 6:30 Drew stole Cam for some “man time” in the garage.  I think it is so sweet when Drew does this.  Cam absolutely loved being out there with Drew and it gives me a bit of time to get the kitchen and house cleaned up at the end of the day.  I love watching my boys together.  I always try to sneak out into the garage to see what they are doing.  It’s hilarious when they don’t know I’m watching. It’s amazing what I learn.  :)
Daddy helping Cam with his shoes.
Watching Daddy work on his bicycles.
I told you earlier that I bought Cam a few new things at Kohl’s.  When Cam was outside I got a chance to lay them out and remember what we picked out.  I love the “Later Gater” shirt.  It reminds me of something my aunt always says.

Around 7:00 I snuck into the garage to see what they were doing.  Drew was organizing and Cam was playing in his empty water table.  Usually Drew has handed him different tools at this point.  After I came back inside Drew sent Cam inside with a mallet to show me what fun they were having.  I didn’t get to take a picture because I was too worried he’d put a whole in the wall.  Sorry and yikes!




At 7:30 I stole my boy back from Daddy and we headed to the bathtub.  Cam loves bathtime though lately he hasn’t been happy to get in, but then is more unhappy when it’s time to get out.  Crazy kid.  He loves to read books when he’s in the tub.  I found some great plastic books at Dollar Tree that he can keep in the tub.  He’s also very big on being independent right now, so he brushed his teeth by himself.


We finish bathtime around 7:45 or so and he sat on his potty to finish brushing his teeth.  He loves his new pirate towel from Grandma K.  I crack up seeing him in it.  He looks so big!


Between 7:45 and 8:00 he gets into his pajamas and we read books.  I let him pick two books before bed each night.  He has been really interested in regular children’s books instead of his board books.  This is great, but makes our two book rule last a lot longer.  Maybe he’s figured that out and knows that those books push bedtime back a bit.  Smart boy!  Lights out at 8:00.  Lately he has been chatting and singing after I leave his room.  There have been nights we hear him laughing and talking to himself an hour after laying him down.  I’m debating making his bedtime later since he’s still awake.  Hmm!
I laid down to read around 9:00 because I was a tired lady after our busy day.  Snuggled up with my dog and a good book is a great ending to the day.


5 things…

Did you know these 5 things about me?

  1. I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia and speak Russian fluently
  2. I married a guy that was my roommate
  3. Our little Peanut made me a mom
  4. I work full time in Information Technology
  5. I’m currently pregnant with our second little nugget

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