Peanut-isms. Alternatively, Things My 3 year Old Says

Sometimes living with a 3 year old is kind of like living with a tiny little comedian.  Here are some of the latest.

things my 3 year old says

Me, “Peanut, we’re running late. Let’s hurry.”
P, “I can’t hurry. I’m a slow turtle. ” proceeds to take teeny tiny slow steps toward the door.


Sitting down at dinner and Peanut says, “mom, guess what?” To which I obviously reply, “what?” Casually she says, “chicken butt!” And then laughs.


2014-05-23 Trip to NJ-1093.jpg

Wiping the chair arm with water, “Mom, don’t put your elbows up there. I’m cleaning with chemicals that smell like spicy cucumbers.”


“I love butterflies, but not hogs.”


2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-026.jpg

This morning someone in our family broke posterior silence (and I’m not going to name names) and without skipping a beat, Peanut yells out: “Poop!” “Poop!” “Something stinks!” “Did someone fart!?!”  We now call her a “Fart Alarm.”

Speaking of farts – Peanut farts and I ask, laughing, “Was that you?”  Peanut, “No…it was Tayor.”  Then smiles, turns and walks away.
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1145.jpg
Laughing at Taylor’s silliness, “Tayor….you’re so cute and squishy!”

I sit down on the couch and Peanut climbs and sits down next to me. By next to me I mean practically on top of me. Me, “Addi, why are you on top of me?” Peanut, “Because you’re very snuggly and soft.”
2014-05-02 musketeers beach-1140.jpg

Father’s Day Adventures

Although we don’t have a lot of traditions, one of my favorite ones is the “no gift” policy for anniversaries and other special occasions like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Jon and I established this early on in our relationship, both confirming that we prefer to spend the day on an adventure than purchased gifts.  As a result we have the gift of memories that lasts a lifetime.

After a Saturday away with the boys to celebrate the soon-to-be brother, Jon asked for a low key, unscheduled day for Father’s day and we delivered.

After a little extra sleep in the morning, we showered and packed up for the day and headed out to a late breakfast at a local diner.


We take up a full booth now.

The girls were awesome at entertaining themselves as we spent 20 minutes waiting for food (apparently Father’s Day is a popular day to go out to a late breakfast, go figure) and we made friends with the table next to us as the two parents looked at our girls and reminisced to their adult children about their younger years.

After breakfast we lathered up the sunblock in the car and met up with friends at a local strawberry patch for some berry eating picking.


I was sure that we would get in trouble considering how many berries were consumed by our children prior to weighing the boxes.  (As a tip to the orchard, I would advise weighing the kids themselves before entering the strawberry patch and then again after.  I bet it’d really increase the profit margins.)

2014-06-14 fathers day-018.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-025.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-028.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-052.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-062.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-070.jpg
2014-06-14 fathers day-072.jpg


While our friends, Jon and Peanut picked berries and I took photos, Taylor just pretty much sat in one spot eating strawberries.   Life’s tough when you’re 1.
2014-06-14 fathers day-078.jpg


After filling our bellies, we headed to the grocery store to grab some non-berry foods and then the beach for some lounging.

The kids filled their clothes with sand, the boys flew a kite, and I…well….someone had to document.
2014-06-15 fathers day-093.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-096.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-098.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-119.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-120.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-130.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-134.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-136.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-139.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-141.jpg
2014-06-15 fathers day-143.jpg


Nap time at the beach,
2014-06-15 fathers day-146.jpg


and we headed home for some dinner and an early bedtime for everyone.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.