A day in the life, April 11 2014


Today Taylor turns 11 months - the last month before she is officially one.  I took the 11 month pictures.  I even edited a handful.  But I just can't get myself to process the rest.  Time seems to go by faster than I am capable of handling. Instead, I decided to do a Day in the Life.  Peanut, 3 years old and 3 months.  Taylor, a couple of days short of 11 months. It's Thursday, my day home with the girls.  I wake up with Taylor's crying just before 6 am.  Ever since she got really sick she's been waking up earlier than usual.  I pull her into bed with us and we snuggle/sleep until around 6:30am.  Taylor has perfected her little wiggle worm and I end up giving in and feeding her.  Jon is in PA for work and I'm on my own. A little before 7 I hear a knock on Peanut's door. She knocks when she wants to get out but can't get the door open. I set her up on the couch and I pump.  We don't have any plans so I don't bother to hurry.  I change Taylor while I pump. Taylor is left to her own devices while I grab a cup of coffee.  For the record, a cup of coffee that I will rewarm 3 more times before I take my first sip, but it's the effort that counts.     We move to Peanut's room and change out of our pajamas. Peanut was not amused.  And not participating.  Until I pulled the new "gem" trick and up she went.  Potty.  Change.  Teeth.  Face wash. And time for breakfast while mommy packs up for the day.  After a text message with some … [Read more...]

The first dance class


Friday was Peanut's first dance class.  So many emotions ran through my mind that I can barely collect them all and put them down on "paper." But mostly it was pride. I was so proud.  I watched my 3 year old stand tall, listen to directions and follow through.  She was absolutely incredible.  After the initial circle time, she agreed to staying up there by herself, letting me run to the side and grab my camera.  She participated and seemed to absolutely love it.  She talked to the other girls, held their hands, let the teacher direct her movements.  She took it very seriously (as she always does) and repeated each move with precision.  Slow and steady, Peanut's way. She stretched and tapped and tumbled. And I sat there, holding back tears. … [Read more...]

Life, lately


It's been so long since I've posted that I barely even know where to start. I have 11 drafts that are all incomplete.  They're pretty far along, but I haven't had time or energy to sit down and complete a thought yet.  And every couple of days I get another one of those "omg I so need to blog about this" moments and I start yet another draft.  That I then abandon because it's late/the kids need me/I can barely read my own words anymore. To say that life lately has been busy would be an understatement.  But it's been a fun busy.  The kind where you hear laughter throughout your house and the kids are chasing one another while you carefully survey all sharp corners.  In the mornings I get up, feed the baby, pump and am just about ready to conquer the world (aka get ready for work, shower, or clean and cook, depending on the day) when I hear a tiny little voice from the living room couch, "Mommy?  Come snuggle me!"  And who am I to say "no" to that?  Our days are filled with work and school, play dates and appointments, family and friends. On top of all that Jon was traveling for 3 weeks in a row (a few days each week), which means that although I get to be the sole snuggler (win) I also get to be the person who not only cooks, cleans, feeds, baths, reads, and picks up, but I'm the one that washes all the dishes, gets stuff laid out for the next day, and tries to remember to feed the dog.  These days are fun and lively, for sure, but they also don't leave much room … [Read more...]

Peanut’s 3rd birthday interview

3 years old

We're starting the Interview tradition in the King household.  Starting on the 3rd birthday, we're going to ask the kids the same series of questions and see how the answers change from year to year. There is a video of Peanut answering the questions at the end, but here they are in short form: What is your name?  Addison King How old are you? 3 What is your favorite thing to do?  Eat  (because we were eating dinner.  This is not her favorite thing to do.  I would say paint or play with Ryan) What do you want to be when you grow up?  Telephone.  And a bus. (I have no idea you guys) What is your favorite food?  Bread  (she was eating bread) Who do you like to spend time with?  Daddy  (mmm hmmm) What do you do really well?  (No answers....but I'll answer for her - paint, draw, run, listen) What makes you laugh?  Taylor  (this one is actually true) What is the best time of the day?  Mommy  (yes, this is true as well) What are you afraid of?  Mommy  (I'm watching you, kid) Who is your best friend?  Ryan (Yup) What do you like to do with your family?  Read books (I love her and her answer, and yes, it's true) What do you love to learn about?  Face  (no idea...maybe they're learning faces at school) Where do you like to go?  Playground  (I am honestly surprised how much she understands and answers) What is your favorite book?  Apple Slices (maybe this is a school thing, we don't have a book like that) If you had one wish what would it be?  A … [Read more...]

Peanut’s great birthday adventure, year 3


When Peanut was born...or rather when she turned 1...we decided to start a birthday tradition.  Jon and I, if the birthday falls on a weekday, take the day off and we spend the day together, as a family, celebrating the birthday and doing all the special things that will make the birthday girl happy.  On her first birthday, Peanut had her birthday party since it fell on a Saturday.  On her second birthday we went to Target, the Aquarium, and to daycare for some cupcakes.  This year we chose to let Taylor go to school and do all the fun things that Peanut loves, together. There was a slight set back since we had a snowstorm, daycare had a late start, and a handful of the places we had in mind ended up being closed because of the storm.  But we made the best of it. Wake ups, milk, tv, and getting dressed for the day.  Jon shoveled and dropped Tay off at school.  Once we were all ready to go, we started the day off right - with Starbucks.   After a seriously long drive, we arrived at the mall, took a potty break, and headed over to our first destination - Build a Bear.   This was out first visit to Build-a-Bear and we were all giddy.  Peanut shut down as soon as the check out girl tried to interest her in the process, but overall she got into it.  We picked our "bear" (a white cat), chose a giggle sound, stuffed her, put in a heart, brushed her, and found her a tutu.  Peanut has been holding on to her … [Read more...]