DIY lemonade stand

When I initially decided to make my own lemonade stand, I was going to wing it.  How hard could it be?  But then I came across this tutorial on Pinterest (what doesn’t Pinterest have?) and this seemed even easier than I envisioned so I went with it.

2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-033.jpg

I skipped out on getting the extra supporting bars for inside…don’t skip out on those…they’re there for a reason and not the one I thought – you need the extra thickness to make sure you can screw the two crates together.  Thankfully I had very small screws on hand that I used while cursing out skipping out on the support bars.  Also, I used screws instead of nails….way better hold.  I also decided that I wanted the whole yellow and white stripe look – a can of yellow spray paint, some tin foil and some leftover white paint we had laying around (yes, I have buckets of various paint around…just in case?).

PicMonkey Collage

All in all this took me NO time and very little effort.  And I am obsessed with the results.

Of course I had to take it for a spin with some friends.
2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-019.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-059.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-063.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-069.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-087.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-105.jpg2014-06-26 lemonade stand trial-128.jpg

Taylor-belly’s 1st birthday adventure

We do not take birthdays lightly in the King household.  Jon and I always take the day off work and plan an adventure for the whole family.

Although we usually like to have a special day with just the birthday girl, we decided to take both girls out of daycare and spend the day together as a family.  After going back and forth on the activities, we chose a Zoo about 40 minutes from home and headed out first thing in the morning.  With a free library pass (omg how cool is that?) we didn’t have to pay for the tickets.


To be completely truthful when we settled on the Zoo we didn’t think that Taylor would enjoy it much but we couldn’t think of a better activity with the girls.  We. Were. Wrong.  Our little 1 year old was all over the place, jumping out of the stroller, pointing, moo-ing and just overall having the best day ever.

2014-06-12_0002 2014-06-12_0003 2014-06-12_0004 2014-06-12_0005 2014-06-12_0006 2014-06-12_0007 2014-06-12_0008


After the Zoo Taylor napped on the way home and we did her cake smash and after milk and snack started to put together the birthday gift we got her.

This was another thing we thought about for weeks and weeks and decided to buy a little house for our porch.



Little helpers, of course.

Dinner and bedtime and a ton of snuggles and that was that.  Just like that – in the blink of an eye – we have a one year old.

We love you, Taylor belly.