A day in the life, April 11 2014


Today Taylor turns 11 months - the last month before she is officially one.  I took the 11 month pictures.  I even edited a handful.  But I just can't get myself to process the rest.  Time seems to go by faster than I am capable of handling. Instead, I decided to do a Day in the Life.  Peanut, 3 years old and 3 months.  Taylor, a couple of days short of 11 months. It's Thursday, my day home with the girls.  I wake up with Taylor's crying just before 6 am.  Ever since she got really sick she's been waking up earlier than usual.  I pull her into bed with us and we snuggle/sleep until around 6:30am.  Taylor has perfected her little wiggle worm and I end up giving in and feeding her.  Jon is in PA for work and I'm on my own. A little before 7 I hear a knock on Peanut's door. She knocks when she wants to get out but can't get the door open. I set her up on the couch and I pump.  We don't have any plans so I don't bother to hurry.  I change Taylor while I pump. Taylor is left to her own devices while I grab a cup of coffee.  For the record, a cup of coffee that I will rewarm 3 more times before I take my first sip, but it's the effort that counts.     We move to Peanut's room and change out of our pajamas. Peanut was not amused.  And not participating.  Until I pulled the new "gem" trick and up she went.  Potty.  Change.  Teeth.  Face wash. And time for breakfast while mommy packs up for the day.  After a text message with some … [Read more...]



  I have been giving the whole public blog sharing the intimate details of not only my life but the life of our two little girls a lot of thought.  I know that today with Facebook and Twitter and Google+ and all the new social media and the way things are out on the open in world wide web it is practically the same thing as running an open blog, but every once in a while (especially after a post about some creepy thing happening) I question what I share and I start to worry. And then I stop blogging openly. And then I worry that I'm not blogging and that I won't have this journal to reply on when I'm inevitable about 3 years behind on their baby books. And then I worry some more- you know, the usual mom thing. And while I reorganize the worries in my head, I'm concentrating on photography. Today I am entering in the I Heart Faces challenge for Smile.  Because how can you not smile looking at that photo? … [Read more...]



I always hear that Taylor is a "mini me," something that I don't really buy.  But I'll let you be the judge. I recreated some photos that my parents took of me at 10 months (although Taylor is only 8.5 I think it's close enough). … [Read more...]

2013, a rewind


This year has been so eventful.  A pregnancy, a new baby, starting my photography business, new friends, and a 2 year old.  We've gone on vacation, celebrated my sister's wedding, and watched our first-born become a big sister.  But I'm getting ahead of myself. January was all about celebrating Peanut's 2nd birthday.  We took a quick look back at the year, said good-bye to her beloved nunu (pacifier), and celebrated her second birthday (wow....she has changed so much). February started off with an admission that I had postpartum anxiety.  On the 5th we celebrated Jon's 30th birthday (snowed in) and Peanut gave her some homemade handprint and photo tile coasters.  We also transitioned P from her crib to the toddler bed in anticipation of the new baby.  And, as was really common for me to do then, I talked about being working mom and feeling all that guilt. March brought on so many changes.  Peanut stopped sleeping after our vacation and we ended up doing some more sleep training. I talked about my fears and excitement about becoming a family of 4.  Addi talked about being a big girl.  I shared my "must have" list for baby items (since this ain't our first rodeo), finally finished Peanut's big girl room, and Peanut had her first haircut. April was all about blogging for me.  And if starting a blog is on your resolution list, here's how to start your own.  I shared about our marriage and the stuff that kept our 2 year old entertained. May I shared my thoughts on … [Read more...]

Winterberry Farm and holiday traditions


When we were kids, my parents had a few traditions around the holidays.  We decorated a tree.  We always spent the night at grandma's.  My uncle was always Santa Claus (well, Father Frost, but same difference).  New Year's eve was our holiday and we did it as a family.  When we moved to the US, new traditions emerged.  We got our "Christmas tree" on Christmas eve because we didn't celebrate until New Year's and, hey, why not get a free tree?  Along with a tree on Christmas Eve, our family traditions included getting in a fight over decorating the tree and opening all our gifts before midnight.  You see, my personality rings completely true to those of my family - we're passionate, impatient, and opinionated.  Throw 4 of us into one room and the sparks are hard to miss.  We love one another endlessly. When Jon and I started a family of our own (with two pups in tow), we didn't really have any traditions.  We went along with whatever everyone else was doing - Christmas at Gigi's?  Sure.  New Year's out with my folks?  We're in.  We were always game for sleeping on a floors, the couch, or whatever else was around.  We had no ties to our "home" and we were both happy to be with our family for the holidays. When we had our first baby, our traditions started to evolve.  We love watching our kids walk down the hallway on Christmas morning.  We always wrap gifts last minute :)  We still try to spend as much time with family as possible - Christmas afternoon at grandma's and New … [Read more...]