Wordless Wednesday – so glad you’re finally here, T

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Ms. T’s birth story

Taylor's birth

You know how everyone around you tells you that you can have a birth plan but to remain flexible? Why is that always easier to say than it is to do? Taylor's birth story is just a little different than we all expected but at the end of the day we were all healthy and happy and that's all that matters. It all started a week or so earlier - I started having some practice contractions that would pick up for a couple of hours and then stop. Jon and I headed to my 40 week appointment on Thursday, May 9th, and watched regular contractions (that were actually kinda painful) on the stress monitor for two hours. After the appointment we headed home and were positive that we were having a baby that night. After another hour or two of contractions, they started to slow down and by the time I woke up the following morning, they were gone. The same thing continued to happen the next day and the next and the next. By Sunday, Mother's Day, when I woke up to some uncomfortable, though not painful, contractions, I was pretty sure they were fake. As the day continued and the contractions didn't go away (though they were still very irregular and nothing to write home about), I started to secretly get my hopes up. Around 3pm, after P woke up from her nap, we went to take a walk around the neighborhood. My contractions started picking up a bit during our walk and continued to increase in frequency once we were home. By 4:30ish they became regular and increasing in strength. We … [Read more...]

40 weeks pregnant

40 weeks pregnant

For real, you guys? I really didn't expect to post this.  Today is Tay's official due date (not that I really buy into the whole due date thing, but, ya know, if a date had to be named, this would be it). I thought I'd celebrate the occasion by taking some pictures. And an official eviction notice:  effective immediately. Dearest Ms. Taylor, Please consider this to be your official eviction notice.  Daddy and I have been super patient up until this point, but we do believe that it's time for you to come on out and join us in this world. If you're anything like your sister, I know you're super comfy in there and will probably choose to stay a couple of extra days.  If you're anything like your mommy, you're stubborn and probably won't come out because we want you to.  If you're anything like your daddy, you're just laid back who's happy to kick back and relax until you're ready.  Either way, we're hopeful that this week will be it and we'll finally get to meet you. Love, Mom, dad and your big sister Addison. Size of baby: watermelon and looks like it (19-22 in, 6-9 lbs) Total Weight Gain/Loss: 35-ish lbs Movement: T likes to sleep in, which I am super thankful for.  She is usually very calm in the mornings and then picks up pace by the late-morning and kicks me non-stop all afternoon and evening.  It’s incredible that we’re starting to see patterns emerge from this tiny little baby. Great Moment this week: spending the weekend … [Read more...]

39 weeks pregnant

39 weeks pregnant with Taylor

Yes, I'm still here. In fact, I am actually happy I'm still pregnant.  I know that probably sounds weird and very much unlike me (since I am like the most impatient person ever), but I'm waiting patiently and enjoying these last couple of weeks. The knowledge that this is our last pregnancy and, although I am not a fan of being pregnant, that this will be the last time that I'll have this belly to carry around is bittersweet.  Sure, I'm uncomfortable and I am dying to meet our baby girl, but I'm also savoring these moments.  These moments of being a family of 3, these moments of feeling the tiny little feet moving around in my belly, the sight of my big, round belly in the mirror that signifies that I'm carrying this life in me. I spent a lot of time in the last week of pregnancy with Peanut wishing that she would come and that I would not be pregnant anymore.  This time I'm not wishing a single moment away.  Although I won't miss the discomfort, the extra weight, the...well...all the fun things that go along with pregnancy and the body changes....I will miss knowing that we created another human being and that I was lucky enough to carry her for 9 months.  It's an incredible feeling and a wonderful experience. Oh, and let's just be honest here, I'm not looking forward to labor.  Now that I know what that's like...yeah...I could do without that. Size of baby: watermelon (19-22 in, 6-9 lbs) Total Weight Gain/Loss: 34 lbs Movement: T likes to … [Read more...]

Packing a hospital bag, the second time around

packing a hospital bag

I have to tell you guys - packing a hospital bag the first time around was an ordeal.  I packed outfits for myself, Jon packed a ton of clothes, we packed snacks, drinks.  We packed the baby outfits, the diaper bag, the camera bag, my pumping stuff, the nursing pillow.  And you know what we used?  About 10% of it.  Tops.  So this time around, we're smarter.  And more efficient.  So here's what we've packed the second time around. For the mom: Sweatpants/capris, aka something loose and comfortable to wear in that hospital bed Nursing tank tops Sweatshirt/loose comfy sweater (I prefer these to a bathrobe) Comfortable underwear (I like the boy short kinds from wal mart that I won't mind throwing away afterwards.  Trust me on this one) Socks (although I actually prefer the hospital ones with the slip free bottoms) Minimal make up (because I take a lot of pictures, but I won't be putting on anything other than mascara or lip gloss) Chap stick (a must) Deodorant, face wash towelettes, and lotion (plus whatever else is a must on your list) Contacts, contact solution, and glasses (for those of us who are visibly challenged) Toothbrush and toothpaste Shampoo and conditioner (I hate the soap kind at the hospital) Flip flops for the shower Hair brush and elastics Nursing bra and nursing bra pads (I love my Bravado bra and these nursing pads) Any insurance/short-term disability/other paperwork you may need the doctor to fill out For the … [Read more...]