Google reader is shutting down July 1, now what?

As I'm sure everyone has heard, Google Reader is closing July 1 and if you're like me, a huge Google Reader fanatic, you're probably panicking.  (ok maybe just me but we all knew I was a wicked geek right?) Any-who, that sent me on a rampage to find a new reader - one that I love as much (more?) than Google Reader - not an easy task since I have been using Google Reader for years now. I set up a handful of accounts and wanted to share with you the one I chose to go with, in case you can't figure out what you want to do either. Meet Bloglovin' I love its simplicity, usability (while still having all the features I wanted), and just how quickly and easily i was able to move from Google Reader. After setting up an account and exporting Google Reader feed (there are directions to export your Google Reader feed here or here), I was but a couple of clicks away from living in my new reader.   Some of my favorite features: Lets you open the blogs in a browser but keeps the Bloglovin tool bar that allows you to go to Next or Previous post, choose one from a drop down, or just jump around.  This is probably my favorite feature since I prefer to read blogs in their own window rather than in a reader That same toolbar has Facebook, Tweet, or Pin it capabilities which let you easily (no need to find the blog's navigation) message/tweet or pin the post. You can browse other blogs.  There are some evenings when I've read all the blogs I … [Read more...]

Women and IT

Many of you, my dear peeps, already know that I'm in the technology field in my "real world" job.  So when BlogHer approached me with a chance to interview a fellow woman in the IT world and write about it, I jumped at the chance.  I absolutely love my career, my job, and the IT field, but it boggles my mind just how male-dominant this field is. I think I'll start this off with a little story of my own. About four years ago, long before Jon and I decided to have a little Peanut, but always knew that we'd have kids, I attended a conference for work.  This wasn't a conference for my business, but it was a conference in the IT field.  The conference had about eight thousand attendees from all over the U.S.  Eagerly, I signed up-- not only was this a perfect event to plan the next couple of years of our business infrastructure, but it was a great networking opportunity. The day of the conference I arrived toward the end of the sign-up time, and as I was registering, I looked over to a clipboard that had a special event for the "women in IT" to sign up for a private lunch meet and greet.  The list had about four names on it.  I looked down the row of the registration desk and a handful more clipboards with the same sign-up sheet were staring back at me, with an equally low number on each one.  In a conference of eight thousand people, about forty of us were women.  The ratio hit me like a ton of bricks. The following day, I attended the private luncheon with other … [Read more...]

Peanut at 18 months

Sunday our little Peanut turned a year and a half.  And I swear, it's like a light switch was flipped.  She is now a walking (sometimes even running), talking, tantrum-throwing toddler.  She's no longer afraid of everyone around her and is becoming quiet the social butterfly.  Life in the King household is absolutely wonderful and never boring. Since we haven't seen the doctor yet, I pulled a few questions that the doctor should ask at the 18-month well-visit from the web (I used What to Expect and Baby Center) How is your child sleeping? Amazing!  We are seriously so lucky that Peanut hasn't had any trouble sleeping since we did the Ferber sleep training at 4.5 months.  She goes to bed at 7:30pm and wakes up at 7:00am every day with a 1-3 hour nap at noon.  There are a few nights when Peanut takes a little while to fall asleep and a few mornings when I know that she's up before we are, but we leave her in the crib and she never makes a peep.  The naps vary by location - if Peanut is in the car seat or at daycare, she will sleep between 1-2 hours.  However, give her the cool room, drawn shades, and her comfy crib and the tot will be out for 3 hours, minimum. What are her eating habits? Does your child have a healthy appetite? Does she eat a variety of foods? Hmm...this one's a touchy subject for us.  Peanut is still on a monthly weight watch and I'm crossing my fingers that she breaks 20 pounds at her well-visit.  Although she enjoys a variety of food, … [Read more...]

Techy Tuesday: Flickr and Pinterest error

  I've been reading a few blogs and Twitter posts in the past couple of months about peeps having some trouble with their Flickr photos and the Pin It button. If you've ever received the error that says an image cannot be pinned or you notice images disappear when you hit the Pin It button, it has to do with your sharing settings.  If you want to read the full thread, check out this forum. Here's the skinny: Because of the new Pinterest rules, Flickr images have to be shared publicly in order for them to be available to be pinned.  Basically, if they're not public and shared, the photos can't exit on a public and shared website, such as Pinterest. Here are the quick fixes via the forum- click this link and choose to share your photos. Your account / Allowing sharing That's really about it!  If you're still running into trouble (and you've cleared your cache), check out the forum for some other alternatives.   … [Read more...]

Techy Tuesday: Blog and social media apps for the phone

I want to tell you guys about a few of my favorite blog and social media apps, but then, just to be fair, I think you should leave a comment with your favs.  You know, since we're sharing and all. Sometimes I think that I could probably get away without a computer by using my iPhone for just about anything I need to do (especially when it's not work related). Here are some of the apps that make it possible: (I linked most of the titles to the iTunes descriptions so you can read a little more about them, but I'm guessing that most of these are available for other platforms as well). Facebook Duh?  I love that you can log in as your Facebook Page as well as your personal account.  Makes things easy.  And since I connect my Facebook to my Twitter, I only have to post something once and have it replicate to multiple locations. (update: Katy just posted about the new Facebook Page management app for iPhones: check it out) Twitter The new iPhone OS (Operating System) has Twitter built in which makes it even more awesome and easy to use.  Sometimes I choose to use the iPhone Twitter over the web version because it lets me retweet with a comment, something I can't figure out how to do on the web version.  (feel free to make fun of me). Wordpress Since I use Wordpress (you'll need the .org account for this to work), this app is a must for me.  I can post, edit posts (read: omg-did-I-really-write-that?  I make a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes because I … [Read more...]