Scenes from our early morning walks

It’s our last full day in Florida and even though it was freezing cold this morning, we continues our streak of early morning walks.  I’m so glad we did because we saw some gorgeous shells, huge hermit crabs, and even some star fish.  Couple that with the last few mornings of sunshine, dolphins, and the feeling you get when you watch your two year old squeal with joy, it’s been an amazing vacation of beach walks.

What makes the whole thing even more special is that our morning walks, coffee in hand, started years ago, before Jon and I were even engaged.  Our first vacation together to Cancun was a tad different – we drank a Corona in the morning and then took a breezy walk every single day.  As we grew older the Coronas in the morning phased out and were replaced with coffee but our 7am walks continued.  Last year was our first vacation with a baby in tow and we didn’t break our streak of watching the sun rise up in the sky as we let our feet feel the sand and chilly water.  I hope to keep these going forever.


Goodbye 2012 – a recap

This is going to come as no surprise if you’ve been following along in the emotional train wreck that I am since I’ve had Peanut, but omg where does time go?  Another year is about to end and I cannot believe how quickly it’s gone and yet how many things have happened this year.

Let’s just start at the beginning, shall we?

January and my little Peanut at the start of 2012.  She turned 12 months (that’s 1 year for non-baby peeps out there) and I did an almost 1-year old day in the life post.

My wonderfully hilarious husband and his shenanigans…the man makes me laugh each and every single day.  And of course, my list of resolutions for 2012…which I think I actually gave a fair amount of effort and even a number of successes (ok, I still stink at being a good listener, but I really try).

To get to know each other a little better, I told you 10 things just about me and we celebrated Addison’s first birthday with her first cupcake and a wonderful birthday party with friends and family.

February brought about a whole new almost-toddler.  Peanut started getting adventurous in her meals and I posted a meal plan for a 1 year old.

As she continued to grow, so did her mischief streak.  And as much as I wish this wasn’t part of it, we had our first visit to the ER.

March brought about our first vacation with the baby to Florida and a few playdates.

P continued to grow (don’t you just love/hate that about kids?) and her personality continued to shine through.

I also shared my Quarterly Top 5 photos of our little Peanut as I started to dive further into photography and get creative.

In April Peanut learned to pick her nose while I got together with some girlfriends for our first Cheesy Wine Night.  And we went to Rhode Island to meet up with my bestie and her beautiful little boy, Peanut’s betrothed.

May I shared my deep thoughts on daycare and then shared with you one of those “I’ve had it please pass the wine” days.

As Peanut entered her toddler-hood, I talk about discipline and what works in our household (which is still true for the most part).

Gina and I took an amazing trip to Sonoma and Napa for a girls wine tour and upon my return we experienced Peanut’s first stomach bug.

June I talked about being a parent to a toddler and our routine with our 17 month old.

July was a busy month:  our bff Laura got married and Jon and I took a little mini vacation with the tot,  At 18 months, I posted her favorite foods and told you about Russian tradition.

Peanut and her future hubby had a wonderful time playing at a friend’s summer party.

I shared what I’ve learned about photography over the past year and shared pictures from a beach trip and my sister-in-law’s beautiful belly!

And on the 28th, Jon and I celebrated 5 years together.

In August I went to BlogHer and shared my rather disappointing thoughts with you.

The tot was over 1.5 and I talked about her bedtime routines and fun games we play with household items.

As my sister-in-law prepared for her baby, I shared some savings tips and a baby checklist.  And since I was resolving to take more every day photos, I shared our bedtime moments with you.

September, we bought Peanut a little tea set at our favorite consignment shop and she’s been loving it every since.

I dug deeper and shared with you some thoughts on being a working parent and the constant struggle for balance.  Then, on a lighter note, photography tips to advance your photo-taking skills.

In October we had some family pictures (yay!) and I talked to you about being “that” mom and how “good enough” is good enough.

We went apple picking and then I told you about the new addition to our family!

In November we took some photos of Peanut and her bff, dressed as a Bride and Groom for Halloween that was cancelled by the Hurricane.

I shared more details about the pregnancy and just how much harder it is with the second one.

And that brings us to December where I vow to put my marriage back in the front and share with you what parenthood has taught me about myself.