Random Thursday

As adults, we buy most of our clothes separately - pants and shirts, skirts and tops, jackets and whatever.  Baby and toddler clothes are sold in sets - adorable little sets.  But when you have a tot who is in the 50th percentile for height and 3rd for weight, the set theory just doesn't work.  And do you know how hard it is to find (easily and cheaply) appropriate-sized clothing for an 18-month old who's in 12 month old's shirts and 6-9 month old's shorts/skirts/pants?  Well, take it from me, it ain't easy.  We have found some absolutely adorable little shorts in various colors at Carters, so there's that. I didn't get a ton of pictures on our vacation with the big camera, but I did get a few and I love them. {An 18-month old and an early morning at the beach?  Coffee is a must.} {It's a bird, it's plane, it's...no seriously.  It's a bird. A bird! I have to have it!!} {Dad, why is this sand so wrinkly?  Is it because it's old?} {Seriously, guys, I need a new suit bottom.  This is ridiculous.  I have sand all the way down my diaper and I am not happy about it.} Right now, as you read this, I'm on my way/at BlogHer.  With about 5 thousand other people.  O M G I am so excited/nervous/freaked/giddy and about 5 million other emotions.  Thankfully, this chicky is going to be by my side during this super scary/awesome/exciting event.  Not sure if I would be able to handle this without her. To clarify I'm excited about meeting so many of the … [Read more...]

Sonoma and San Francisco – Day 4

Saturday was our last day in California and let me tell you, we were sick of wine. I'll be the first to say that I was surprised at myself when I realized that there was no way that I could taste any more wine.  Apparently 3 days tasting multiple flavors is just too much for my taste buds. But it was our last day and we weren't about to give up.  So after a run, breakfast, and an extra slow start to our day, we made our way over to Seghesio.  We had heard about this winery from pretty much every one we ran into and it was on our route to San Francisco, so we couldn't let ourselves skip it. This winery was gorgeous!  The estate was beautiful, the wine spectacular!  Since it was Saturday, we found a whole group of people at the bar and had to wait a couple of minutes until a space opened up.  This was so different from our experience during the week.  We chatted with the bartender as well as the couple next to us, tasted the wine, and learned that if you show your Visa Signature card, your tasting would be comped. Free wine again?  We were on a roll. Happy as we were to have tasted the Seghesio wines, we were finished with wine for a while (or at least a couple of days). Back in the car, we headed toward San Francisco, taking another detour into Sonoma to dine at The Girl and The Fig, where I learned 2 things: (1) I overeat all the time and (2) we really should have made a reservation. The place was packed!  Both set on trying the restaurant that … [Read more...]

Healdsburg – Day 3

Friday was our third day in wine heaven California and our last full day of vacation.  By the recommendations of many, we decided to spend it in Healdsburg. Similar to our first morning, we woke up, played on our computers, went for a run, lifted, and then had breakfast.  A little before noon we were showered and ready to hit the town.  Since we would spend a full day walking around, I opted to leave the big Canon at home and just geared myself up with my iPhone.  Please excuse the quality. After getting dropped off by a cab at "wherever there is a sidewalk within walking distance of the town center" Gina and I were ready to take the cute little town of Healdsburg.  We started at Hawley winery, a family owned winery that has a tasting room in Healdsburg.  Along with tasting delicious wine, we poked around their art displays and items that were for sale.  That's when Gina spotted the barrel top and I could tell it was love at first sight.  She did what any food blogger and social media guru would do - she posted a picture on Instagram and Twitter, asking for feedback about purchasing the barrel top.  All things pointed to "yes" and so she did, leaving it for us to pick it up on our way the following day.  Things were off to a great start. Another great plus for stopping at Hawley was that they recommended two more family wineries.  After a quick stroll through the town we stopped at Williamson tasting room for their complimentary (yup, you read that right) … [Read more...]

Napa Valley – Day 2

After a long day of travel, Gina and I decided to sleep in a bit on our second day in California (ok, sleep in was 7am since we were still on the East Coast time zone) then got our day started blogger-style.  We both brushed our teeth, then snuck back under the covers with our laptops. After catching up on our addictions blogs, we changed into some running shorts and went out for a morning run.  The weather was perfect and having a running partner was glorious.  We did 3 miles and then Gina showed me some of her work outs. After breakfast we were off for a new adventure - Napa Valley.  And more specifically, Cosentino Winery. We decided to take a "scenic" route to Napa from Windsor and ended up on the most ridiculously winding road that at one point had a 180 degree turn.  It was amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Once we finally made it to Napa, our first stop was one of my favorite wineries - Cosentino.  Allow me to go on a quick tangent about my love for Cosentino.  A few years back my friends Kerry, Inna and I went on a girls trip to Las Vegas and dined at the most delicious and amazing restaurants.  At one of these places we chose a bottle of red zin, Cigarzin.  Oh. my. gosh.  We were both in love!  Rich and full of flavors that tastes of dark fruit and pepper, Cigarzin won us over immediately and we both became obsessed.  Upon our return home, I spent weeks looking for it so I could share it with Jon.  When we finally did, he fell in love with … [Read more...]

Sonoma Valley – Day 1

  We're finally back in the Northeast (red eyes are pretty painful, but at least I get to spend Sunday with my little nugget) and I'm going to spend the next few days entertaining you with a recap of our trip.  To give you a brief overview of our 4 days there, we tasted wine at 11 different wineries, ate at amazing places, and walked through some of the cutest towns. We flew in on Wednesday morning, arriving at our hotel around 1pm and heading out to the first winery on our list - Kendall Jackson. We chose Kendall Jackson for their delicious wine (their Chardonnay is among my very favorites) and the food pairing.  Since we haven't had a full meal yet (airplane food and a couple of breakfast bars don't count), we were excited.  Let me tell ya, the place did not disappoint. The pairings were as follows: 2009 Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc with Délice de la Vallée Cheese with Fresh Sorrel Sauce followed by 2009 Grand Reserve Chardonnay with House Cured King Salmon with Chardonnay Grape Seed Oil, Preserved Meyer Lemon and Estate Peas. With the beautiful 70 degree weather, a setting outside on the porch overlooking the gorgeous vines and gardens, this was amazing.  We took a sip of our wine, then a bite of the food, followed by more wine.  It's amazing how different the same wine can taste when it is paired with a food that brings out a specific fruit or a flavor. The second set consisted of 2007 Highland Estates Seco Pinot Noir paired … [Read more...]